Has Christmas Destroyed Our Connection With Ritual?

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Ritual has been practiced cross culturally all over the globe since the beginning of time- be it the ritual of going out and gathering food, waking up and brushing our teeth or some of the more exotic stuff such as dancing around fires naked while calling on the gods for guidance.

We still have collective ritual in the western world, the only issue is it has become a commodified occasion used to boost wealth for a very small group of people, often to the detriment of society and those celebrating. Christmas is the prime example of this- it is supposed to symbolise the birth of Jesus, the most celebrated religious figure ever, however, it has become about consumerism and over indulgence. The day often feels like more of an escape than a celebration and has been constructed so people spend vast amounts of money to boost the economy.

Individual ritual is still alive, although often it is not celebrated to the levels of days gone by. In many cultures a meal is thought of of sacred and a moment to share with loved ones in union, whereas now it is often eaten unconsciously while our minds are occupied by a million and one other things.

We can create our own rituals in our lives through practice such as meditation prayer and simply giving thanks. Also celebrating the more collective ritual such as the full moon, new moon and Christmas, closer to their original context.

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