Chilean Protesters Use Laser Pointers To Bring Down Police Drone


By John Vibes / Truth Theory

Earlier this week, the Chilean government agreed to rewrite its Constitution, as massive protests shut down the country for a few weeks. In the month that the protests were taking place, at least 25 people were killed and thousands of others were wounded.

As seen in other places like France or Hong Kong, the protesters have developed various different ways to fight back against the superior technology used by their oppressive governments.

Some recent video footage to emerge from Chile, showed a crowd of protesters focusing laser pointers on a police drone, eventually forcing the aircraft to crash down to the ground. The following videos were reportedly taken in the capital city of Santiago on the 12th of November.

A few days before the protesters used the lasers on the drones, Chilean police issued a warning against using lasers, stating that it was a crime because it “poses a risk to the safety of the flight and the health of the crew”.

Experts believe that in addition to helping crowds remain anonymous by disrupting the cameras in the moment, the lasers can also cause permanent damage to the sensitive lenses on the facial recognition cameras.

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Despite the fact that the Chilean government has agreed to redraft the constitution, the revolutionary movement has promised to continue “Until they give a concrete solution to the demands of the people, it will be very hard to stop this.”

According to the International Laser Display Association, “lasers emit concentrated beams of light, which can heat up sensitive surfaces”—like camera sensors— “and cause damage.”

Similar tactics were used by protesters in Hong Kong this August.

As multiple uprisings are happening in different corners of the world, it seems that the revolutionaries are paying close attention to one another over the internet, and taking notes for tactics to use in their own struggles.

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