Carlsberg Created A ‘World First’ Beer Bottle Made From Paper

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Danish beer brand Carlsberg has designed what they claim is the first-ever beer bottle made from paper.

The paper beer bottle has not been put into production yet, but there are two working prototypes.

“We are working on developing the world’s first ‘paper’ beer bottle made from sustainably-sourced wood fibers that is both 100% bio-based and fully recyclable,” reads a statement on the Carlsberg website.


It’s expected to be a few years still before the product is ready for the consumer market.

“While we are not completely there yet, the two prototypes are an important step towards realizing our ultimate ambition of bringing this breakthrough to market,” Myriam Shingleton, Carlsberg’s Group Development vice president said.


“Innovation takes time and we will continue to collaborate with leading experts in order to overcome remaining technical challenges.”


Growing tend towards sustainable products

Carlsberg have been working on the paper bottle product since 2015 in conjunction with researchers from the Danish Technical University as well as with tech firm ecoXpac and BillerudKorsnäs, a packaging company.

There are two prototypes of the ‘Green Fiber beer Bottle’ as Carlsberg calls their product.

Both bottles have an outer casing made of sustainably-sourced wood fibre and they are fully recyclable.

In the one prototype there is an inner plastic film which is made from recycled PET plastic. In the other prototype, the inner barrier is made from 100 percent  bio-based PEF.

The goal is to create a 100 percent bio-based bottle without any polymers.

Carlsberg claim that their Green Fibre Bottles are more environmentally friendly than aluminium or glass options because they are sourced sustainably and because of a “very low impact on production process”.

In 2017 Carlsberg launched their Together Towards Zero program. Among their targets was to implement ‘100 percent renewable electricity and eliminate coal as a source of energy by 2022’.

In the same year, Carlsberg’s Sverige plant became Sweden’s first major brewery with zero carbon emissions.

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Image credits: Carlsberg / CarlsbergGroup


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