Cannabis K-Cups Are Finally On The Market And They’re 100% Compostable

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By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

What do cannabis consumers love more than marijuana? Infused coffee, tea and hot chocolate that allow one to wake n bake in style. Fortunately, getting to that “happy place” is now easier than ever, as marijuana K-Cups are finally available for sale in Nevada, USA.



The San Diego-based company BrewBudz intentioned the K-Cups to be 100% compostable so they don’t burden the environment, unlike regular pods made for Keurig machines. Sold for $7 a piece at the Nevada retailer Cannabiniers, the doses range from 10-50 milligrams of THC (depending on one’s preference). The company is presently working to sell the K-Cups in dispensaries in California and Colorado.

To some, weed and coffee might sound like a weird combination. Because Sativa-dominant strains are used in the caffeinated drinks, however, the mixture works very well. As Distractify reports, Sativa strains tend to cause feelings of euphoria, happiness, and creativity — very similar to coffee. On the other hand, the hot cocoa (and soon-to-be-sold chamomile tea) is infused with Indica-dominant strains, which cause one to relax and sink into the couch.

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BrewBudz is passionate about the business venture because they believe more people will benefit from using cannabis in such a discretionary way. Coffee is ideal for many because the strong scent covers up the odor of marijuana and can be easily transported. Will you try out this product?

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Images Credit: Brewbudz

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