Marijuana Is Safer Than Alcohol, Says Police And Crime Commissioner

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Authorities in the US may be cracking down on the illegal use of marijuana, but officials in New Wales are encouraging the habit. Recently, Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones shared his viewpoint on the matter — and it will probably surprise you.

As The Daily Post reports, Jones called for steps to be taken to control the sale of illegal substances, including marijuana: “I want to see drugs controlled and sold by responsible retailers similar to off-licences that sell alcohol. I don’t see a difference between the use of alcohol and the use of cannabis.”

This isn’t the first time Jones has revealed his opinion to the public. Last year, the former policeman also said that the current war on “drug crime” has totally failed.

The response to Jones’ declaration has been mixed. Here’s what science has to say about it:


Typically, alcohol is not life-threatening. However, when someone consumes too much alcohol, the substance can be fatal. According to the CDC, nearly 88,000 alcohol-related deaths occur each year.

Marijuana, on the other hand, has been responsible for 0 overdose deaths. According to one study, in order to overdose on marijuana, you would have to smoke between 238 joints and 1,113 joints in one day. Even Snoop Dogg would pass out before he accomplished the task.

Crime Rates

Which substance puts others most at-risk? Well, that would be alcohol. According to this study on marijuana use and intimate partner violence, couples who use marijuana had lower rates of intimate partner violence in the first 9 years of marriage.

Learning & Memory

The research is clear — impaired memory often accompanies binge drinking. In this study, over 50 percent of frequent binge drinkers said they blacked out and forgot where they were (or what they did) at least once in the past year. And, in an email survey, college students reported that after getting “blackout” drunk, they did things they cannot remember, including driving drunk, having unprotected sex, or engaging in risky behavior.

Pertaining to marijuana, studies have shown that teens who smoke marijuana may be at a greater risk for problems with memory and learning later in life. However, the studies remain inconclusive about how much cannabis use impairs memory and learning.

It seems the former policeman has a point. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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