Can We Use Village Mentality To Shift The Collective Consciousness?

9452146236 7bbbb68eeb zBy Rob Howe, Truth Theory

Across the globe we are undergoing a period of great transition. We are moving from one reality into another. From an ecological perspective we can see that we are moving into a paradigm of sustainability. To be successful in our transition it’s important we relate and behave towards the world, ourselves and each other differently to what we are presently accustomed to.

Our sustainable future depends on a collective shift in consciousness that sees us switch from external to internal yardsticks in our decision making. We become less concerned by materialism and are guided by a sense of inner rightness: “does this seem right? Am I being true to myself? Is this in line with who I sense I’m called to become? Am I being of service to the world?”

The ultimate goal in life is not to be successful or loved, but to become the truest expression of ourselves. Life is seen as a collective unfolding toward our true nature. Instead of setting goals in our life, dictating what direction it should take, we learn to let go and listen to the life that wants to be lived through us.

This way of being is radically different to what we have grown up with and been socialised by. Education of a sustainable future has to account for this evolution in consciousness and being – aiding individuals and groups, not just to evolve, but to be supported in their process of living and unfolding as well. From this point of view we see that formal structures, which presently exist, are too limited in their scope of support. They operate from a lower form of consciousness, which we’ve begun to outgrow and transcend.

Our thriving is dependent on our reconnection with village, not of place, but a village of relationships, interests and roles. Villages are vehicles of reconnection and are intergenerational. Villages recognise the different phases of our lives and the roles we play whilst moving through a certain phase. Childhood; adolescent rites of passage; the search by young adults for personal vision and purpose; entering a period of deeper service; becoming community leaders in our 40s and teachers for the youth in our 60s and beyond, providing spiritual guidance and direction for the un-initiated – are all phases which the village recognises, holds and supports.

All in the village are engaged in the process of finding, being connected to and working from our creative path. We recognise the importance of understanding our gift and we are committed and are aware of the importance of sharing our gift with the world, so we can be in service to ourselves, each other and future generations.

The village remedies the ill of disconnection at the heart of our unsustainable culture. Our priorities in the village become one of connecting with nature – both externally in the world and internally within ourselves. It is understood that the future belongs to the nature smart. Mentors play an integral role in supporting the unfolding of the life process of a mentee’s life journey. It is understood by all that a double challenge is encountered whilst walking one’s path – following the calls of one’s deeper purpose and nature, whilst meeting the needs placed upon us by life and modernity.

As a result of gaining a sense of place, of being more connected to self and nature and of knowingly being in service to our planet and a higher purpose, our sensitivity and awareness will inevitably develop. Walking the path towards a deeper life of satisfaction and meaning will bring us to feel deep pain and suffering caused by colonialism, the tragedy of homelessness, the inhumane treatment of refugees and the trauma experienced from wars. It’s important the village supports us in tending to our grief so we can rebuild trust in our relationships, finding love and compassion, which will help us all to heal.

I am Rob Howe an author, poet and educator. Presently I’m living the new story which is a regenerative tale, based on connection of the self, others and our natural world. I am helping to build a future which values the flourishing of all life as its highest priority. To read my book ‘Being An Explorer’ click here.

I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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