You Can Now Eat An Affordable Vegan Meal With Zero Waste In Vancouver

featuredimageBy Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Lupii Cafe is a community focused, zero-waste vegan diner and they upcycle absolutely everything.

It is estimated that around 40% of food in the United States and Canada is wasted. We have so many cultural habits around taking more food than we need, buying more food than we need, [and] buying food that we don’t need and wasting it,” says restaurant owner Lisa Papania.

“At Lupii cafe you won’t find anything disposable – our takeout containers are mason jars and reusable upcycled cloth napkins – you won’t be throwing anything away. In addition, our store has been built from the ground up with reused materials.” Not only are the products zero waste, but so is the food they serve. They source local produce that is perfectly fit for consumption but may end up in the landfill due to industry requirements regarding aesthetics. In addition, any food leftover at the end of the day is donated to those in need. Their aim is to make healthy produce available to everyone, which is why they also give away free produce every week.

Lupii are also heavily involved in their local community. They have created a vibrant space for their neighbours to feel comfortable and often host community events, as well as fundraise for charitable organisations. Furthermore, they also offer their mentorship to students wishing to venture in the upcycling world.  “If we do this more,” Papania said, “I think there is an opportunity to change the way we live.”

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Image Credit: Rob Greenfield/Lupii Cafe

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