You Can Live Anywhere With These Dome-Shaped Tiny Homes

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

A Slovenian company called Smartdome Construction have designed dome-shaped tiny homes that are 25 sq m, made from galvanised steel, energy-efficient and can pop almost anywhere in the world.

The mobile tiny homes are available in a variety of styles, suitable for all terrains and are to be enjoyed by nature lovers. Due to its smart modular design, the homes can be expanded, deconstructed and transported to new locations with ease. “The project is really something fresh and different […] for every nature lover,” said Željko Hočevar of smartdome construction. “It’s the first printed dodecahedron structure in the world.”

Smartdome constructions aim to develop affordable homes that can blend into any environment. For just €20K you can live in one of four types of domes: aquadome for water landscapes, snowdome for colder environments, treedome for environments rich in vegetation and ski domes. Smartdomes have designed windows with thermal transmission and ventilation with a high degree of waste heat recovery. They do this “to ensure comfortable living we dedicated ourselves to energetic efficiency. The aim is comfortable living with a reasonable energy consumption.”

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