California Becomes The First State To Ban Single-Use Toiletries In Hotel Rooms

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Don’t be surprised on your next trip to California if you find no toiletries in your hotel! No no, the toiletries aren’t banned but the next time around, they’ll be in sustainable containers rather than the single-use plastic ones we see everywhere.

Not just fur, California is also the foremost state in the US to completely ban mini toiletries that come in plastic containers in hotels. The Bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Ash Kalra and signed by Governor Gavin Newsom on 9th October.

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The Sacramento Bee received a statement from Kalra where he mentioned how we are on a tipping point now and must take serious steps to turn to sustainable alternatives. He hoped that California’s popularity in tourism will help this step become a model to follow for the whole nation.

Many in the travel industry have taken similar initiatives even before this Bill. Last year, Walt Disney Co. decided to stop the use of single-use shampoo containers in their resorts and cruises. In July 2019, the InterContinental Hotels Group promised to soon reduce and finally stop the use of mini plastic bottles in each of its properties and brands. Marriott too followed suit the next month. This Bill received the support of the California Hotel and Lodging Association. (CHLA).

The CEO and President of CHLA, Lynn S. Mohrfeld applauded the step taken by Assemblyman Kalra and the Governor.

Large hotel chains have time till January 2023 to stop the usage of small soaps, shampoo, and conditioners, says the Bill. Hotels accommodating less than fifty beds will be allowed another 12 months to get rid of the mini products. After the deadline, hotels found violating the rules for the first time will be fined $500 for each day of violation. Their second violation will invite a fine of $2000 according to CNN. The Bill excluded hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and prisons.

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The Personal Care Products Council was in opposition to the Bill and they claimed that this would impact manufacturers of personal care products, including the smaller companies that are re-packers and distributors.

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As plastic pollution becomes worse, and we realize how it affects our oceans and indirectly our lives, this Bill seems inevitable not just in California but throughout the world. Even in 2014, California was the first American state that banned plastic bags. And now even New York Senator Todd Kaminsky has proposed a similar Bill for the state.

Kaminsky stated how small gestures in daily life like getting rid of tiny plastic bottles will create a huge positive impact on the environment. This step of banning hotels from offering single-use plastic toiletries will not only help the environment by reducing plastic waste but also help tackle water pollution.

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