Building The Future: This UK Startup Is Using Recycled Plastic To Roads Build Stronger Roads

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By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Toby McCartney is an engineer who founded the scottish start-up, MacRebur. His company have come up with a way to create roads that are stronger and longer-lasting than normal asphalt-based roads. The key ingredient? Plastic.

MacRebur use MR6, MR8 and MR10, these products are made entirely from waste plastics and is mixed into asphalt to create durable roads. According to MacRebur, “The products provide a unique way of enhancing asphalt to give a cost effective and longer lasting asphalt solution.” They say that modifying asphalt with their products leads to “huge increase in tensile strength”, it “improves fuel resistance” and even “increases the lifespan of roads.” Their innovative concept also seeks to alleviate the environmental burden of waste plastic.  

“We are seeing the negative effects of a plastic epidemic throughout the world. But as MacRebur’s MR products are all made from 100% recycled plastic materials, they help reduce unwanted, discarded plastics from landfill and from oceans.” They say that this helps to “foster a circular economy”, it also leads to a “reduction in landfill” as well as a “reduction in carbon footprint.”

Can plastic roads help save the planet? This UK startup thinks so!

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