Becoming One With The Wave — The Ascension

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By Neil Greenwood, Contributor

Here I put forward my answers to the questions: What is Consciousness? What is Spirituality?

This is MY truth. An outline of MY discoveries so far on my quest as a spiritual scientist.

Where to begin?

Oh I know…First there was the word, and that word was…AUM!

From nothingness, came energy. AUM is the very beat of the universe, and although it has many meanings, my favourites are Home and Love. More specifically I see it as an energy flow of totality, sound, existence and consciousness.

Then bang there was the separation, so that the great experience could begin. We could call life a play, a game maybe even a dance. You are the one breathing in life right now. You are the one experiencing the fullness of this very moment. It’s you and only ever you that knows your truth.

I’ve come to understand life as a human, is all about remembering who we are, not learning, that’s just how we experience it. We become what we are not, so that we can appreciate what we were, over and over again! Until we finally return to oneness, and the realisation clicks in that we are one, and always were.

We are going to talk about our world for now, but I’ll tell you that I have experienced so much more. I have visited other worlds, I have met other spiritual entities. We are not alone my friends.

Talking Consciousness:

Let’s consider our world to be a ball of energy; humans vibrate at a certain frequency, as does a mountain, as does an elephant, and so on. Then lets presume that our world consciousness is made up of electrical threads that bind us together. Creating a whole spectrum of conscious waves that pulsate at different frequencies depending on an individuals (either object or a beings) level of evolution.

The conscious footprint of one affects absolutely everyone else, and the evolution of our world is achieved by raising these energetic vibrations. Which until recently has not been advancing as much as we would like to think. For far too long we’ve been at war with one another over finite resources, in a means to fuel our technological enhancement. While in this state we have considered ourselves separate from one another and separate from nature.

We had forgotten that our world is a single energetic entity, completely dependant on every living being.

Life is sustained through balance. Nature and wildlife exist in perfect harmony, in the animal kingdom there is predator and prey, and just as similarly for plants, it all comes down to survival of the fittest. Levels of consciousness change based on the same theory. The fitter you are as a human, having a healthier diet, exercising and practising yoga, the more aligned to the natural order of life you become.

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As you become more aware of the interconnectedness of it all, you start to see how dependant we are on every single life form and ecosystem. Then you start to act in the knowing that by protecting, and helping to rebuild and grow our natural environment, you are in fact giving back life to yourself and fellow human beings.

Let’s look at our daily energy intake:

Plants and trees breathe life into us and are our primary food source. If you break it down to the basics, we eat food for fuel for the body, directly for energy. Animals, our meat, get their energy from plants, or chemically enhanced bio products which offer a synthesised alternative to plant energy. Therefore in order to get the highest energetic absorption rate from your meal it’s best to go to source, the plant.

Here’s a little food for thought: Our plants get their energy from the sun, so it’s actually sunlight that sustains us as a direct source of energy, but let’s not go down that road just yet.

I like to think of consciousness as a process of ascension. As you raise your own energetic presence, you connect with more and more waves of pulsating energy, fuelling your growth. The higher that you go, the more attuned you become to universal energy. Yes, I’m talking about energy that comes from outside of our world.

Conscious connectivity means, extra sensory perception, the ability to transfer your conscious state to other worlds, travelling the aether in a dream state, telepathically communicating with beings around earth and beyond. You can learn to heal your own bodies with concentrated thought patterns. Obviously I’m not talking about repairing broken bones here, although you never know, the only way is up as far as I see it.

These are the general benefits related to becoming more consciously attuned to universal energy:

Improved well being, reduction in hostility, increased psychic activity, inner calmness, increased respect for life, increased intelligence and memory retention, increased wisdom and an understanding of life and what comes after…

Those of us that tend to connect with higher levels of consciousness are currently incorporating mindfulness practises into their daily routine. They’ve started to live healthier lifestyles, their diets are changing, organic options are sort after, and consumption of sugar is cut down if not cut out completely.

They appreciate regular exercise as a natural part of their day. They’ve even started to choose work environments where they can find balance between material gain and stimulating creative projects, thus allowing to mediate levels of stress whilst maintaining productive levels of engagement.

Just look at the world around you, vegan restaurants and shops are pretty much everywhere, people want organically produced products. Not just the ones labelled so in big supermarkets, people are researching for their own local produce. Particularly farms and local markets where you don’t need a label or even packaging because you can see it has been taken straight from the earth, and is ready for your plate just as nature intended.

Generally the further up the conscious ladder, people have started to appreciate meditation and yoga, the union of the mind, body and spirit. The pleasure of being in ones own company and the deep power found in stillness. The realisation that there is nothing outside of an individuals state of being, and that by searching within you realise yourself as a master of the universe. At this point you have overcome the fears that constrain us to a lifetime, and you realise the glory and harmony found in co-creation.


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At present there is an awakening of consciousness around us, and as this shift continues you’ll notice our world affairs become no longer about nation versus nation, but about human being acknowledging his neighbour in unity. Through that union we will start to redistribute the resources of our world out fairly, and most importantly consciously attuned with the natural harmony of our environment.

Ok, ok, so I’m an idealist, we’ve got a little way to go yet. But not as long as you might think. Did you know that Nelson Mandela set up a foundation of Elders, former world leaders from different nations, whom are now working together with our current leaders to set about affairs of our very species as a whole.

You may call me mad, but watch this space, we will have a world government, and everyone’s voice will be heard. Do you know why?

Because we are currently living through a great wave of conscious ascension.

The golden age has arrived. God consciousness is currently pumping through the life-force that sustains us all. Our very Earth has it’s own conscious vibrational field, which it is using to harmonise all the destruction we have reaped upon it. As an example, for all the plastic and toxic waste that we have dumped into the Ocean, bacteria has started to grow that can consume a portion of this waste, and that’s just the beginning.

This wave is affecting us all, we are a major part of this change. You are the creator, your actions and choices impact everything. Awake to this, and marvel in a consciously connected world, where we are one, united in nature.

I’ve told you my version of consciousness, now I’ll give you my insight on spirituality. In short, it’s breaking through the illusion of separateness, and realising that you are a spiritual being having a life experience.

We’ve all had the time to consider what comes after death and take a guess at where our soul will venture when we pass. Well my version is this: there is one soul, call it Energy or God, my favourite though is Love, but then I am the hopeful romantic after all!

Spirituality is therefore just coming to the realisation and discovery of your own chosen life experience, this time around. You can probably tell that I’m a believer in reincarnation here. No death, just transmutation of energy into another state. No biblical heaven or hell. Just the next life experience, new revelations for you to live through, new aspects of your grander self to remember. An evolutionary process designed for us to personally grow and mature within.

My own personal experience of spirituality has been a path of enlightenment, which is just that, a journey to lighten the energetic and more specifically, karmic baggage that we hold onto as an individual.

I’m Free

I’ll go just one step further: Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi were exactly this, enlightened individuals. All that went on spiritual quests of self discovery and then spread their experiences and wisdom with the world. For we are all sons and daughters of God.

God to me is everything; it’s energy, it’s love, it’s a pebble lying unnoticed on the side of a road. But the experience of being with God, dancing with God, and realising your own divine potential is a very different thing.

The trick to it all, is to live a joy filled purposeful lifestyle. To dream big, and accept nothing short of your highest potential. It’s the moments spent living your dreams that you remember your godliness, for at that point you have become the creator, and life becomes whatever you choose it to be.

I’ve been told I speak the word of God and of Jesus in my dreams. I’ve even been anointed in a temple as a shepherd of the people. It’s these experiences that I use to justify passing this message of God to you. My role is exactly that, to be the light and the way. I enrich my own life and energetic presence through love, the sharing of my knowledge, and of course my truth.

You may not see the world quite as I do at the moment, but this really is how I view the world to be. I’m an incredibly positive individual, and when you choose to look at every moment with positive relish instead of negative disdain you’ll also have learnt to enlighten the soul.

If you are in pain right now, you can choose to trust that all is unfolding for your highest good, and the good of the universe. You can choose to surrender to the notion that this pain you are experiencing, the emotional heartache, frustrations and confusion has all been chosen by you, by your highest self. The self that has seen all that is to come for you, that is beyond time and space, and knows, from great suffering comes great wisdom.

Just trust that you have chosen to live here and now, that your soul wished to experience and enjoy this version of life. For you to contribute this exact verse of your existence to the never-ending story.

Here’s a little advise that has helped me to get through some of the more difficult moments on this path, from Neale Donald Walsch, in his second book, Conversations with GOD:

“Consider life, this moment, the exact way you feel about everything. The greatest gift, from the kindest creator.”

That’s just where I’m at in life, and it’s taken years of devotion, practise and patience to feel this way and say these things. But if you’re ready for the journey, it’s my joy and privilege to tell you more. I am a shepherd of the people, the light and the way, follow me and embrace heaven on earth.

Final Note:

I can’t stress enough that God, Energy, Love, your Life, is exactly one thing. Your own interpretation of it. What I have written here is a document of my own experiences, the visions and the messages that come through from my dreams and all that I see in the world around me. But above all it is an insight into my life, and my choice on how to live it.

Lovingly Yours

The Hopeful Romantic

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