7 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy

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Sometimes it is less what we do, and more what we don’t do that has the biggest impact on our lives.

Happiness; something that everyone wants to find in some form, yet elusive enough that many never really find the deep level of satisfaction that they crave. Often we go for everything that surrounds the potential happiness, instead of just going direct to the source. This often leads to immense suffering.

There are many “things” in the world, yet none of those “things” will actually bring us anywhere closer to our desires. It is feelings that we need, and feelings are created by experiences and mindset.

There are many decisions we can make that will bring us closer to the life we desire, but often it is the things we choose not to do that will have the biggest impact.


It is good to have high standards, but if you expect things to be perfect you will be in for a rough ride. Those who manage to find happiness do so as a result of being able to adapt to the given situation.

Nothing will ever be perfect and you can always tweak an idea to enhance it in some way. But when you get stuck in this, you will never hold the fruit of your labour and eventually the fruit will turn sour.

Sometimes you have a very specific idea and goal, the evolution of this can change over time. If you refuse to adapt, it will cease to exist.  

Over Consumption  

What you put into your body is what you become. If you consume disempowering media and news, you will become disempowered. If you spend time with people who always talk about others, you will become untrusting. If all you eat is junk, you will feel like crap.

With that in mind- If you make the conscious effort to watch, read and listen to empowering media, you will feel empowered. If you choose your friends wisely, you will feel good in their company. If you make an effort to get the nutrition you need, you will feel energised.

We become that which we spend our time doing, choose wisely.

Living In The Past

Living in the past makes us depressed, full of guilt and shame. Comparing to how things used to be. Wishing we had taken our big opportunity or made more of an effort with our loved ones.

You can get caught in the trap of dwelling and live eternally in the past, with every consecutive moment stacking on the last. But the only place we can take action is in the present moment.  

Living In The Future

The other place unhappy people often get stuck is in the future. This creates anxiety of what is yet to come. Some things in life are unknown and the more we dwell on them, the more we get caught up.

Like living in the past, equilibrium exists in the middle ground of this moment. The best way to return to this moment is by consciously doing one thing at a time. Breathing, eating, creating, talking or whatever the task is you have at hand. Try doing just that and being distracted by nothing else.

Comparing Yourself To Others

This is a 2 fold issue, one is placing yourself higher than people around you, the other is placing yourself lower than those around you. We are not superior or inferior to anyone we are all equals here to do our own individual piece.

There will always be areas in which you excel, you should celebrate that, not use it to compensate for areas which are not your best.

The same is true for your flaws, we all have them and we cannot excel in every area. Someone maybe stronger, more intelligent or have more money than you- but they will also have flaws that may not be so apparent.   

We have to learn to work within our natural skill set. Like Einstein said:  “Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid”

Avoiding Solutions

Sometimes we can get so stuck in the problem that we fail to see there is always a solution. It may not be immediate or simple, but for every issue there is a resolve.

Complaining is a perfect example of expending your energy for no reason, while avoiding a potential answer to your problems.

The simple work around for this is to become present and when you feel stuck ask yourself- Is there a solution to what I am facing? And what is the next step I can take?

It becomes more complicated, the more people are involved, however, sometimes the solution is simply to remove yourself from the problem at hand.

Making Things Complicated

There is a very simple equation to happiness- find out what makes you feel happy, and do it! However we can get so lost on the way. We do live in a complex society and often the burdens we have to face come through no fault of our own, however, we can always simplify.

Clear out, drop some of the ideas you are pursuing, empty your wardrobe and throw some stuff away. Remove the complications and free your mind from distractions.  

Happiness is attainable and you can find it by finding yourself. Love yourself and never give up!!! Please share this article.  

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