Beagle Hugs Man After Man Rescues Beagle From Being Euthanized In A Shelter

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory
When a dog ends up in a dog shelter, we suppose that it will get shelter and meals. But if you happen to be like this unfortunate
Beagle, an expensive health issue could target you to be put down. That is the reality of our system. But does he deserve this horrible death? Can it be prevented?

Every dog deserves a loving home with lots of love, space, friends and toys. But reality decides otherwise. Gregory, the lovable Beagle was close to being put down when he was rescued from the shelter just in time by an angel named Joe Kirk. All that Gregory had to offer him in return was the warmest hug that any human or animal could give and that more than compensated Joe. The picture of Gregory hugging Joe went viral on the internet.

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Gregory was two when he was unfairly marked for being euthanized as he had a medical condition that was expensive but curable. But fate willed otherwise. He was rescued by Joe and Schenley Hutson-Kirk just a couple of days before he was marked for death. Gregory was perfectly aware that they had saved him from certain death. The couple has co-founded  Hound Rescue and Sanctuary which helps abandoned canines find new shelters, arrange for a lifelong asylum for the senior canines deemed “unadoptable” and help the unwanted strays. Its founding objective is to rescue the dogs from sure death by adopting them from shelters which have marked them for death. The couple deserves every bit of praise that comes their way.

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Gregory’s problem was that he was diagnosed with heartworms and since it was considered incurable by the authorities at the shelter he was marked to be put down. Heartworm diseases are caused by long worms measuring up to a foot that reside in the lungs, blood vessels, and in the heart of animals. Signs of this disease are fatigue, loss of weight, a lack of appetite and a reluctance to exercise. Joe and Schenley generally look after 25-30 adoptable dogs and there are other strays that stay at their shelter. Gregory got treated for his condition. And best of all he found a loving home and another Beagle for company.

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They are modest about the number of dogs that they have managed to save and only say “We have saved one more.” It is one more life saved, one more home found for a lost soul and one more helpless dog that will get a permanent home where he will be fed properly and receive the necessary veterinary care. They deserve that.

All through the ride home from the shelter, all Gregory did was hug Joe. He had been at the Franklin County Dog Shelter since April 2018 when Gregory was only two. And now, he was finally having a home.

Petful admits that an appalling 2.7 million dogs of the 7.6 million dogs that enter shelters are killed. There may be various reasons ranging from contagious disease to aggressive behavior. But hidden behind all these excuses could be that the shelters have no space to accommodate more dogs and any dog that cannot be accommodated is in danger. They are the first ones to be put to sleep unless they find their guardian angels. Gregory has found his.

Photo Credit: Hound Rescue and Sanctuary | Facebook

Photo Credit: Schenley Hutson Kirk

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