Baby Elephant Isolated From Mother Used For Selfies Then Die


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Excited bystanders in an Indian village spot a baby elephant and rush to take pictures with it.

The calf was following its own mother and another elephant into the built-up area looking for food. It is believed that the calf had been carrying an injury when it ventured out of the forest.

The incident took place in the village of Kurubarahandi, situated in the southern part of Karnataka. The villagers were alarmed to see the approaching elephants. They started to shout and use crackers to drive the animals away from their crops. All the ruckus caused the calf and mother to separate.

The older elephants quickly ran away from the human attackers but the calf was too weak and slow to follow. Being scared, it began to cry for its mother.

Times of India reports how the villagers soon surrounded the calf to take pictures and selfies with it when the older elephants had left. The mother did return to take back her calf but by then the forest officials had taken it to treat for the injuries it had sustained from the forest.

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The vet cared for the calf with glucose, milk, and injections. But unfortunately, the calf passed away a few hours later.


While we hue and cry to save the pachyderms from poachers, we fail to realize how the human-wildlife conflict kills the animals as well.

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