Artist Turns Ocean Stones Into Colorful Mandalas Full Of Tiny Dots

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Elspeth Mclean paints smooth ocean stones with colorful tiny dots and remodels those into beautiful mandalas. She uses perfectly round, flawless ocean stones to create her art. She puts a lot of effort into detailing her designs. All of her mandala designs are symmetrical and full of colors. The colorfully dotted patterns create a hypnotic effect on the eyes. These designs are also soothing to the eyes.

Her mandalas are extremely popular due to the unique designs she paints on each ocean stone. These stones sell out from her Website faster than she can make them.

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Ocean Stones Art painting

Ocean Stones Art

Ocean Stones Art

Mandalas on hand

painting colorful Mandala

Her colorful mandalas fill one’s mind with delight and positive vibes.  Those patterns have an inspiring effect on the viewer. Each circle of her patterns is perfectly round and symmetrical. She uses different colors as well as different shades of the same colors to bring aesthetic and hypnotic effects in her mandalas.

Dotted mandala

Elspeth Mclean Art

Elspeth Mclean Mandela

Blue dotted mandala

Mclean is originally from Australia and now a Canadian based artist.  She has won various awards and runs a business based on her arts. She loves colors a lot and her vibrant artworks are all made of a unique painting style. She refers to the painting style “Dotillism”.

Ocean stones Elspeth Mclean

Elspeth Mclean painting

Ocean stones Mandala

Colorful Mandala Art

Ocean stones Mandala

She has mentioned painting more ocean stones trying to match the high demand as far as she can. She also has a lot of other awesome artworks apart from mandalas and advises to check those out on her Facebook Page.

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Mandalas have a spiritual history tracing back to different religious practices and symbols. In Hinduism and Buddhism, mandalas symbolically represent the universe. It has a history of incorporating different spiritual practices like meditation, helping people to focus and seek spiritual guidance.

These days mandalas are just geometric patterns or designs that represent the Cosmos.

Images Credit: Facebook

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