Artist Paints Endangered Animals To Show The World What We’re Losing

Australian Outback 1

By John Vibes / Truth Theory

A new art exhibition called “Life on Spaceship Earth,” calls attention to the many endangered species on the planet that are currently at risk of extinction. Alexis Kandra, the artist behind the stunning exhibition, uses oil paints and metal foils to create her pieces, which are selling for anywhere between $100 to $4,000 each, at Brooklyn’s Lucas Lucas Gallery, where the exhibition is being held

In an interview with Earther, Kandra said that she wanted to create unique art that would encourage people to preserve the environment and its creatures.

“I like to combine different animals together that wouldn’t normally be found together and play with the colors a lot, but I want to highlight the aspects of the art that relates to our real world today and bring people back to what’s going on in our world and hopefully inspire people to want to preserve that,” Kandra said.

Instead of just drawing the animals from memory, Kandra meticulously researched the individual species that she was interested in. During her research, she was alarmed at how many species are currently facing extinction.

“I started to learn what is happening in our world to them in real life, and that started to inspire me to think about the animals not as symbols for some abstract idea but as real creatures that we have with us now that maybe we won’t have with us in the future. If we don’t protect them now, we may lose many, many more species,” Kandra told Earther.

This project isn’t just about raising awareness either, Kandra has promised to donate 10% of her earnings from the exhibition to the Natural Resources Defense Council,

The exhibit will be on display at the Lucas Lucas Gallery in Brooklyn, New York, until October 13th, 2019.

Below are examples of some of Kandra’s most popular pieces.

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African Savanna small Amazon River Small Arctic Circle  Gyr Falcons oil and metal leaf on panel 30in X 24in 2019 Life in the Desert oil and metal leaf on panel 18in X 24in 2017 Living Fossils 3 Lobo and Blanca oil and metal leaf on wood panel 24in X 30in 2017 Mark Making Moonrise oil and metal leaf on panel 8in X 10in 2019 PermafrostCoolerMedium Sumatra and Borneo Small The Canopy oil and metal leaf on panel 48in X 36in 2016 The King oil and metal leaf on panel 48in X 48in 2017 TheQuaggasSecret Turquoise Ocean2 Wood Thrush


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