Artist Illustrates His Struggle With Depression In An Extraordinary World Of Spirit Animals


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Depression is the silent, invisible creature that eats you up from the inside. You don’t feel anything but somehow, you think you are going deep down into a pit with no escape. Many people face depression, few of them are ever diagnosed. Polish graphic designer and artist Dawid Planeta faced depression and went through all the difficulties of it. But he was able to channelize his feelings through creativity. He knew that he could turn it into something brilliant and so he did –  he transformed his weakness into art.

His work, Mini People In the Jungle, illustrates a small figure, who we think is Planeta, lost in a mysterious dark world. It is foggy and dim and there seems to be a haunting jungle around. Sometimes, these desolate lands to do not have anything at all except a huge monument – a piece of history. The only light that could be seen is the glowing eyes of the animals featured in the painting – lights that are trying to guide Planeta towards discovering his inner strength. The images are purposely drawn in grayscale to make them much more immersive.  The viewer can understand and visualize the artist’s deeper struggles with depression and his mental journey. Sometimes, he returns to the place of dark – he accepts it. It is human nature after all – it has all both the worlds – the dark and the light.

Planeta wants us to open our minds and freely interpret his wonderful illustrations. They are both haunting and beautifully hopeful. These are some of his illustrations:

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When you are able to channelize your depression in this way, it might actually give hope to many other people who are depressed. Plus, it gives a voice to the invisible disease and we get to understand it better. All the credit goes to Dawid Planeta and his wonderful talent.

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