Artist Creates Realistic Dolls With Rare Skin Condition So People Can Relate

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By Jess Murray Truth Theory

An artist has created very unique dolls which have a skin pigmentation called vitiligo to inspire young girls. The skin condition came into the public eye recently after a contestant appeared on America’s Next Top Model with the condition. Winnie Harlow has since been featured in a variety of fashion campaigns, which then further inspired the doll creator, Kay Black.

She told People magazine that she began making the dolls as a hobby alongside her “normal” job. She said, “I’m motivated by everyday people I see walking up and down the streets.”

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Alongside the dolls that she makes with the skin condition, she also makes an array of other dolls that are different from the usual “standard” doll that we are all used to seeing. She makes dolls with other realistic features, which include freckles and natural curly hair, which have all been a huge success. She commented, “People are literally in tears when they get their dolls. I want to create dolls everyone can relate to.”

The dolls have caught the attention of many celebrities, including Mike Epps who shared the dolls on social media. Vitiligo has become more of a discussion point in recent years since Harlow publicly became an activist for people with the condition.


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She recently celebrated her skin with a selfie showing her entire body, with the caption, “The real difference isn’t my skin. It’s the fact that I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others. I’m beautiful because I know it. Celebrate Your unique beauty today (& everyday)!” This came after she spoke out about being bullied in the past for her unique appearance when she was a child.

She also wrote on her Instagram, “I loved myself. And with that, opportunities started to fall into my lap and I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself.”

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