Animated Short Reveals The Dark Complexities Of Healing Our Broken Society

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In-Shadows is a Masterful short film from Lubomir Arsov which touches on wage slavery, sexual depravity, the pharmaceutical culture and societies attempt to turn us into mindless consumers. The incredibly powerful short film is disturbing, enlightening and motivating to heal our broken relationship with ourselves and the planet.

The film starts with the opening of a box which seems to represent the planet and a broader box than the western world is currently living in.

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The film then enters the shadows of modern day society

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In- Shadow Full Film

The films powerful imagery touches on boxes we have allowed to be placed upon ourselves

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The unreasonable work expectations we need to keep up with to maintain any “quality” of life

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The glorification of alcohol

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And sexual depravity

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The pharmaceutical culture that has become the norm

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And indoctrination by the schooling of our children

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The big hitting imagery continues with the money worshiping consumerist ideology

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The film touches on many dark worldly issues, but then something beautiful happens:

The divine masculine and feminine rise up, in what would be the ideal solution to the madness which is our broken society.

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An empowered society would never tolerate the current condition we have placed upon ourselves.

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We are powerful! We are one! We rise together in love!

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