An Inspiring Story Of A Mouth-And-Foot Artist


By Mayukh Saha

Art is something that knows no bounds of medium or skill; it is a gift that does not discriminate. There have been stories for a long time about artists who overcame disabilities to produce art that was beautiful and staggeringly difficult to create for them.

Christy Brown’s is a story well-known to all, thanks to his book My Left Foot, and the Daniel Day Lewis starrer biopic called by the same name.

However, there have been numerous modern day Christies as well.

Tom Yendell is one of them. He is actually a board member of an eponymous organisation of artists like him: artists who draw using their mouths and/or feet, something essentially difficult.

Tom hails from Hampshire and his organisation’s website described his subjects as: Abstract, Figurative, Flowers, Landscape, Scenery, Still life, Sketches.

The worst part is, Tom’s disability which is lack of arms and legs, was not even his fault, nor a result of an accident. The cause was a drug called Thalidomyde, prescribed to his mother during pregnancy.

Tom, the youngest of five children, was however given a normal upbringing, by a couple of very determined and loving parents.

After failing to get him adjusted to a normal and mainstream form of education, they did enrol him into an educational environment for specially-abled children. This was Lord Mayor Treloar’s school. The decision proved to be instrumental to Tom’s later artistic career.

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