America’s First Solar-Powered Town is in Florida and Was Founded by a Former NFL Player

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By Amanda Froelich

The future is green. Though the Trump administration would claim otherwise, there is sufficient evidence proving that the vast majority of American citizens desire to become more self-reliant and, in the process, hope to reduce the collective carbon footprint. For a shining example, look to Babcock Ranch, Florida.

The Floridian town was built by former NFL Player Syd Kitson (who played for the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers) and is being hailed as a “city of the future.” According to Fox News, it is the first-ever town in America to be completely powered by solar. As a result, it is quickly shaping up to be an eco-friendly role model for the rest of the country.

The development of the 17,000-acre property first began near Fort Myers. Kitson transformed the abandoned mining land into a solar farm capable of generating 100 percent of its electric needs. At the time, the solar farm comprised of almost 350,000 panels.

Today, the territory is the country’s first, fully solar city. It boasts a minuscule carbon footprint and will soon have a school, electric shuttles (that will someday be self-driving), and a  town square with shops.

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Unlike most developers, Kitson doesn’t want to sell as many homes as possible. Rather, he is interested in preserving most of the open space. That’s why there are several lakes and 50 miles of bike trails in Babcock Ranch.

“We think about the way we develop differently… It’s the most environmentally responsible, the most sustainable new town that’s ever been developed,” Kitson told Fox News. “And, it’s the first solar-powered town in America. And we’re very proud of that.”

The homes vary in design in price. Some cost as little as $190,000 and others $499,000. Though residents can work in the town, they are not required to. Once the town is complete, it will be able to sustain 19,500 homes and a population of approximately 45,000 people.

Josh Day, a current resident of Babcock Ranch, told FOX News why being a part of the community is so important to him. “To be able to be a part of a community of everyone that cares, and wants that for them, not only for themselves but also for their children and their grandchildren, to have it be a more clean Earth whenever our children are older,” said Day.

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Source: Fox News

IMAGE CREDIT: rafomundo

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