American Farmer Grows 910-Pound Pumpkin, Turns It Into A Boat


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

An American farmer is making headlines for his green thumb and humorous antics. After growing the giant pumpkin of his dreams, farmer Justin Ownby turned the monster squash into a boat, which he then proceeded to test on his farm’s pond.

According to local Chattanooga station WTCV, the farmer from Cleveland, Tennessee, spent the last four years trying to grow a gigantic pumpkin. Like most goals, cultivating the record-breaking pumpkin took a lot of work (and a lot of seeds). But finally, Ownby succeeded in his unique ambition.

This year, Ownby’s pumpkin weighed in at a whopping 910 pounds – nearly half a ton. The seed came from the record-breaking pumpkin grown in 2018 that won the title for the biggest pumpkin in Tennessee.

Growing the giant squash wasn’t enough, however. After presenting his prized pumpkin, Justin proceeded to hollow out the gourd and turn it into a kayak. His wife, Christian, recorded video and shared it with WTVC . The buoyant watercraft was tested on the farm’s pond.

“He has tried for four years to grow giant pumpkins,” said Christin. “This year is his biggest at 910 pounds. We do this on our farm in Cleveland. We occasionally grow lots of pumpkins but this year he put all of his work into the one.”

“He chose a spot where the water ran off easily, keeping it cool in the heat of the day, keeping it watered and making sure that squash beetles didn’t overtake it,” Ownby says.

According to Christin, the pumpkin is still in the pond.“It will make a great snack for the catfish!” she said.

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