Alleged Poacher Killed By Elephants And Eaten By Lions


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While no one condones killing or death of any kind, most of us would understand where this sudden act of violence came from.

What we are talking about is the much-debated death of a suspected poacher at the Kruger National Park in South Africa by an elephant whose corpse was fed upon by lions. When the deceased’s family beseeched the Kruger National Park authorities to recover his body, all they could find was a skull and his pants. His accomplices mentioned that they were here poaching rhinos in one of the biggest game reserves in all of Africa. The remains were discovered after quite a long search operation with helicopters and rangers on foot on 4th April 2019. The other accomplices, naturally, have been arrested.

It is sad that people were still venturing into the nature reserves illegally, which resulted in nothing but their demise, Glenn Phillips, the managing executive of the Kruger National Park said in a statement. He found it heartbreaking, looking at the innocent daughters, who were mourning over the loss of their only breadwinner and finding nothing but a skull and some pants.

While this death could be seen as a blemish on the National Park, it could also just be what happens in nature, it doesn’t go without saying that humans really need to stop harming nature. One can’t simply saunter into a National Park, without a proper permit and attempt to hunt animals. For, they would definitely get back at us. Nature remembers, you see.

Despite several warnings issued by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism about how poaching is illegal and would result in prosecution and rigorous imprisonment, it seems those warnings have fallen on deaf ears.

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What is unfortunate here is that greed led to the loss of a man’s life. And maybe, somewhere down the line, it is high time that humans stopped interfering with animals just for their own good. We have all seen ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Jurassic Park’; we wouldn’t like a real situation like that, would we?

This news reached far and wide, for even the Australian ABC reported news about how poaching had increased in the country in February. The South African Kruger National Park also mentioned how they found a body of a poacher mauled and eaten by lions. Well, it might actually be a deterrent for other poachers.


IMAGE CREDIT2: Sasin Tipchai

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