AI Generates Hilarious “Inspirational Quotes”


by Mayukh Saha

In case the above-mentioned heading was not enough for you to be confused about whether to cry or laugh, this really is one of the most bizarre things that has happened in the history of technology. It just goes on to comment quite interestingly about the world we live in.

So, this AI we are talking about is probably the most philosophically humane example among its peers.

Inspirobot is one such netizen who performed a function we all millennials have encountered. It creates inspirational posters, quotes that are mood-uplifters, in calming fonts in front of aesthetically pleasing backgrounds. Things we have all seen, liked, shared or even hated. I personally hate them, because I think they undermine the effects of things like depression; like yeah, reading that cured my depression, ain’t that easy!

What happened was that the AI found the most primal dread of life in its own plastic psyche. It started, much like the super computer from Netflix’s acclaimed Maniac, becoming more and more insidious in its messages, projecting existential dread in them with utmost subtlety.

In short, the AI has gone insane. Much like the narrator from Camus’ famous novel-length monologue La Chute (The Fall), it has simply gone on a tirade rampage, producing occasional posts of unnerving messages, on equally unnerving background images, in fonts it was not meant to use to convey those sayings.

Ironically, apparently this bot isn’t even an advanced one at that. But this hilarious and surreal thing has a Twitter account whose bio reads: “Forever generating unique inspirational quotes for the endless enrichment of pointless human existence.”

Maybe this is what millennials like us do indeed need: a bitter truth with the dressing of a surreal, Seinfeld-funny post.

Check out some creations of InspiroBot below

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