After YouTuber Successfully Completes Flat-Earther’s $100,000 Challenge, Flat-Earther Refuses to Pay


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Science may confirm that the Earth is, in fact, a sphere and not flat, but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who believe otherwise. For this exact reason, Australian YouTuber Wolfie6020 started his channel.

Though Wolfie6020 has created many videos explaining why the flat Earth movement is nonsensical, there are some Flat-Earthers who believe they can convince him otherwise. Recently, fellow YouTuber Flat Out Hero presented Wolfie6020 with a $100,000 challenge. Because he had nothing to lose, Wolfie6020 accepted it.

As can be viewed in the video below, Flat Out Hero explains that the challenge is to fly from point A to point B to point C, and then back to point A, with the distance between each point being the same. A 90-degree turn must also be taken at every point. The bet was worth $100,000. Boasted Flat Out Hero, “It’s impossible, but don’t tell the globetards that! This is the final nail in the ball Earth coffin, and I am happy to be the one to hammer it in!!!”

As IFLScience reports, the described shape is impossible on a flat plane because an equilateral triangle would not have angles bigger (or smaller) than 60 degrees. But on the surface of a sphere, it is perfectly feasible.

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Wolfie6020 shared his flight plan in a video posted at the end of October. As of the beginning of December, it now has nearly 6 million views. The flight path goes from the Galapagos to the Gulf of Guinea in Africa, then to the North Pole and back down to the Galapagos. Each leg is approximately 10,000 kilometers (or 6,215 miles), or roughly one-quarter of the length.

Watch the video below:

In the video, Wolfie 6020 lists the conditions of the bet, as explained by Flat Out Hero. After demonstrating his flight plan, the YouTuber declared:

Mr Flat Out Hero, your challenge has been answered. The requirements, as you stated them, have been satisfied! It is now your turn to honor your challenge and pay me the $100,000. I plan to give half of that to the Westmead Children’s Hospital and use the other half as prize money in future contests on this channel. So let’s see if you’re a man of your word and will honor your challenge!”

When a response was finally given by Flat Out Hero, he complained about using a digital chart instead of an old-fashioned paper flight chart. After Wolfie6020 demonstrated that the result would be the same, Flat Out Hero simply accepted that the route had indeed been plotted but claimed it wasn’t flyable. Spectators have declared that Flat Out Hero either doesn’t have the money or is too stubborn to admit defeat.

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