After The Police Shared A Wanted Post About A Suspect, The Man Answered To The Call Himself – The Results Were Hilarious

By Mayukh Saha

A use of Facebook that you might not be aware of is that police departments often use dedicated pages to post wanted posts about specific individuals. And I know what you are thinking but it does work, sometimes.

Akers himself responded to the post.

Not only did Akers (38) respond, he said “calm down, I’m going to turn myself in.”

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And in a hilarious exchange, the police offered him a ride to the station and also adjusted their hours for him.

Akers further responded that he had a ‘few loose ends’ to tie and would turn himself in eventually.

After the PD issued a public statement after this ‘ghosting incident’, Akers did indeed turn himself in.

Now, do not take the story as described here. Read the chats and screenshots for yourself and appreciate the man who could laugh and make others do so in the face of adversity.

Live long and prosper good sir.

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