After Several Miscarriages, Couple Begins Throwing Birthday Bashes For Homeless Kids

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For unknown reasons, life doesn’t work out the way we expect (or hope). That doesn’t mean good things can’t come out of unexpected twists and turns, however. Couple Ari Kadin and Mary Davis know this truth well.

Since before they were married, Ari and Mary hoped to have kids. But after several miscarriages, they decided it’d be best to help the children who are already in this world. That’s why the founded the charity Worthy of Love. The organization throws birthday parties for homeless children.

Every month, the duo throws a massive rooftop birthday party on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. As CBS News reports, the area is one of the poorest in the nation. “We are in ground zero for Skid Row and children live here,” Davis said.

“So many children in Skid Row needed to feel important and loved,” Davis added. “We didn’t realize how much joy they were going to bring us, and that was so healing for me.”

When Worthy of Love began throwing monthly birthday bashes, there were only 15 kids at the shelter. In the six years that have passed, there is now an average of 200 kids. Each party is themed; the most recent event honored Dr. Seuss with cake, games, and dancing.

The Randall family is one of many who has benefited from the charity. Without the party, Briana’s 12th birthday would have flown by like an ordinary day. Said Crystan Randell, Briana’s mother:  “I still want them to live a normal life, you know? I don’t want them to feel no kind of way because we’re in a tough situation right now. I want them to still be kids.”

Karma has a way of working itself out, too. After watching more than 6,000 kids blow out birthday candles, Ari and Mary conceived. They now have a little girl who will celebrate her first birthday in the same place.

“I want her to grow up knowing, there are kids that don’t get everything that you have,” said Davis. “You have to bless others and bring happiness and joy to those that need it most.”

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