After Oversleeping, Teen Drops F-Bomb On Live TV And Wins Olympic Gold

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By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Is “be as badass as Red Gerard” on your bucket list? No? Well, it should be.

The night before competing in the Olympic Games, the Colorado teenager stayed up late binge-watching episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine with his roommate, Kyle Mack.  As a result, he slept through his 6 am alarm the next morning.

After Mack eventually dragged Gerard out of his bed, the snowboarder realized he couldn’t find his coat. So, he borrowed his friend’s and bolted out of the door — an egg, ham, avocado and cheese sandwich in tow.

Like a boss, the 17-year-old proceeded to compete in the Olympics and won the United States’ first gold medal. Yahoo Sports! reports that Gerard scored 87.16 on his final run in the men’s slopestyle, beating Canada’s Max Parrot and Mark McMorris.

As soon as he saw his results, the Colorado teenager couldn’t help but yell, “Holy fuck!” It happened so suddenly, it slipped through TV censors.

“It’s crazy, to be honest, I cannot believe it,” said Gerard. I’m ecstatic. “I can’t believe I got to land my run. Just to land a run would have been plenty for me and to get on the podium, but to get first is crazy.”

Gerard is the first Winter Olympic medalist born this century.

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