After Observing Her Caretakers This Orangutan Started Washing Her Hands And Other Objects


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While this is quite old news, the importance of an orangutan washing her hands in the present situation cannot be denied. This orangutan from the Center for Great Apes in Wauchula, Florida is quite the internet sensation right now. Sandra has learned that she needs to wash her hands every few hours, and she has spent quite some time watching her caretakers do it. 

This orangutan probably knows that dirty hands can lead to several diseases that are best not contracted. Amongst other hygienic tendencies, one which strikes most is how she distances herself from humans – social distancing done right!

Now, we aren’t saying that Sandra decided to do it in the wake of the global pandemic, but how can we feel proud about being a thinking, rational species when an orangutan is better at hygiene than we are?

But there have been enough articles written on what to do during quarantine season. And yet, people keep coming in groups and maintain an extremely unhygienic lifestyle, which keeps on increasing the number of people contracting the disease. 

Look at Sandra- see what she is doing. She doesn’t touch her face more than is required. She eats healthy and has a good workout every day. And most importantly, she isn’t going out!

After Harambe, this is another primate we can learn a lot from. And hopefully, we would be kinder to her than we were to Harambe (#RIP).

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This orangutan is probably smarter than most people STILL visiting national parks, zoos, and other public places. Folks, stay home and stay safe. Look at Sandra, and see that she has no problem being in an ACTUAL cage. You too can live inside your make-believe cage for a few days and wait for life to turn out normal.

Yet again, we are reiterating that Sandra is not a WHO advertisement for people to wash their hands. In fact, this video was shot and went viral back in 2019 before COVID-19 hit China. Despite that, one has to be blind to see the relevance it has today.

Sandra the orangutan is an amazing animal.

Be like her.

Read more about Sandra at the Center For Great Apes.

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