After Learning Their Waitress Walked 14 Miles To Work And Back This Couple Gifted Her A New Car


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The month of Thanksgiving is usually all about buying off Black Friday, stuffing your stomach with turkey, and expressing gratitude for the people around us. But this Texan couple decided to do something selfless, in true American fashion. In fact, their deed resulted in the waitress almost fainting from shock and happiness. 

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Adrianna Edwards, a waitress at Denny’s has bills to pay like everyone else. Adrianna explained that she needed to walk 7 miles to the restaurant and back from it, simply because she had to earn a living.

As luck would have it, her story was heard by one couple she was serving breakfast in Galveston, Texas. Incidentally, she had told them that she was saving money for a new car. Maybe it was fate that also led her to serve the woman an extra serving of ice-cream.

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When the couple had finished their meal, they quickly went over to the nearby Classic Galveston Auto Group and bought her a Nissan Sentra. Imagine the look of surprise on the waitress’ face as she was handed the keys to a new, shiny car! The couple also gave her a note, as a token of their goodwill. In the end, what seemed like a lengthy hour, hour and a half commute, got transfused to 30 minutes.

The humanitarian couple wish to remain anonymous. For, if you are being charitable with your right hand, don’t let your left hand now. The woman explained that this was more of a Christmas goodwill and she hoped that Adriana would simply pass it forward. 

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As it can be very well understood, Adrianna is still in a state of shock. Every day, she looks out of her window in order to check if her car was still there or not. In fact, this act will now allow her to attend college earlier than she had plans for.  

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