After Crying For 3 Days Woman Sent A Tonne Of Onions To Ex With Note Saying Now Its Your Turn


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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

As the nation of China started its celebration of unofficial Chinese Valentine’s Day, a surprisingly hilarious story of heartbreak and revenge involving a tonne of onions came to light. 

We have all gone through breakups and know exactly how it feels like. What we haven’t experienced is a grueling sense of tingling in our noses, as we stand next to a tonne of onions delivered specially to us. That is what makes this story so hilarious. The creativity of Ms. Zhao has won the Internet, as her breakup has gone trending and got everyone talking. 


A Tonne Of Onions As A Special Valentine’s Day Surprise

Apparently, Ms. Zhao found out through mutual friends that her ex-boyfriend had not shed a single drop of tear after breaking up with her. As she had spent days crying over him, she thought the balance between them was just not right. So she decided to take things into her own hands (or rather the delivery man’s hands) and ordered a special delivery of a tonne of onions to her ex-boyfriend’s front door. 

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Video released on social media shows a truckload of onions near Zibo, Shandong in Eastern China, where the ex-boyfriend reportedly lives. The special delivery apparently was accompanied by a special message for the delivery man. Ms. Zhao asked the delivery man to dump all the onions in front of her ex-boyfriend’s house without informing him. However, the delivery man tried contacting the ex-boyfriend but could not get through to him. He reportedly spent hours unloading the onions. 

In a report to the local press, Ms. Zhao’s unnamed ex-boyfriend exclaimed that he had broken up with her for this very reason. He claimed that Ms. Zhao was unreasonable and overly dramatic, even when they were in a relationship. He further pleaded his case and asked if he was guilty of being a horrible person just because he had not cried. 

Meanwhile, Ms. Zhao accuses her ex-boyfriend of being insensitive, she explained that the reason for her move was to make him cry and know what it’s like to be heartbroken. She further said that since she wasted three days crying over him, it was now his turn to cry. webp to jpg 2

A Tonne Of Onions Causes More Drama In Shandong 

Adding another element to the drama, a neighbor of Ms. Zhao’s ex-boyfriend complained that the entire residential complex stinks because of that special delivery. 

May 20th, when said in Mandarin, sounds very close to the pronunciation of ‘I love you.’ And hence, love is celebrated on the day of 520 (May 20th.) It just so happens that a story of revenge garnished with a tonne of onions made us smile this time. 

Well, let’s just hope our love life will be filled with chocolates and flowers, and not a tonne of onions! 

Image credits: Shandong Net

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