Affordable ‘Plant Pod’ Grows More Lettuce In One Room Than A Half-Acre Plot

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by Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Most people struggle to budget for healthy food. With the Plant Pod, the tribulation will never again occur. Why? Because the agricultural company Aggressively Organic has the bold ambition to tackle world hunger and, it intends to do this with “Plant Pods.”

The micro-gardening system is capable of growing more lettuce in a 10-foot room than on a half-acre of farmland. This is possible, thanks to hydroponic technology. The method revolves around soil-less gardening, meaning owners need only water the pods every few weeks. Because the Plant Pod needs minimal care, even busy people without green thumbs can benefit from the technology.

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Growing food via the Plant Pod is more sustainable for the environment. For instance, planting lettuce in the ground requires approximately 25 gallons of water to grow. Using the pod, on the other hand, requires only about 16 ounces.

Aggressively Organic is serious about its mission to end world hunger. That’s why the Plant Pods have been designed to cost “less than the price of a large pizza.” The company states on its website: “Since our goal is to end food insecurity, we had to make a system that literally anyone can afford and use. There are no pumps, no electricity required, very little plastic, and every aspect of our company is sustainable. This website is even hosted on a server powered by wind.”

GoodNewsNetwork reports: “The pods are built using cardboard liners, a coconut coir disc in which seeds are planted, reusable netted cups to hold the plant, and a nutrient solution that nourishes the greenery.”

An additional benefit of using the Plant Pod is that food is more nutritious. Aggressively Organic claims that lettuce loses 90 percent of its nutrition within one day of being harvested. “Now you can harvest when hungry and know that you’re getting the most nutrition from your food. We call this plant-to-plate freshness.”

Because the product is still being perfected. it is not yet available on the market. However, you can sign up on Aggressively Organic’s website to receive notifications when they start accepting Plant Pod pre-orders.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Images Credit : AggressivelyOrganic

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