Adult Doll Sales Has Seen A Huge Increase In Sales Since The COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Started

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

While the ongoing pandemic has wreaked havoc in many businesses, the adult doll industry is still surviving. As people are staying back at home and spending more time with themselves, adult doll sales too are soaring. The need for silicon sexual partners is not limited to lonely singles- even couples are seeking them now.

Many Australian manufacturers as well as distributors of adult dolls have confirmed how the sales have gone through the roof once the lockdowns started. And some of these vendors even vouched how their weekly adult doll sales had in fact doubled as compared to the sales before the pandemic started.

Cherry Banana’s Matt said how there has been a considerable increase in demand and sales of their silicone dolls. The company has doubled its sales as compared to March. Cherry Banana now sells 20 to 25 dolls a month.

Andrew, from another sex store Sex Doll Australia, mentioned how the same is true for them as well. Ever since the Australian population went into self-isolation and the lockdowns started, they have noticed an increase of 30-40% in their sales. This growth spike was first noticed in May, and it is yet to come down. Andrew has observed another unusual phenomenon during this phase. Previously the need for silicone adult dolls was mostly restricted to single people who wanted company. But with the COVID situation in place, even couples are buying more dolls than before.

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A New Demographic

This increase is not restricted to any gender. Husbands are buying female dolls for themselves alongside their wives. Husband and wife are purchasing dolls for each other. And even committed women are buying male dolls for themselves.

It’s not like such adult doll sales never happened in the past. But staying stuck at home for months on end, more and more couples have been looking for new options. 

Matt mentioned some of the other unusual queries Cherry Banana has received from its customers. The most common among such queries include requests for dolls sans genitals, dolls with 3 breasts, dolls that look like humans but have a tail attached, and so on. Even the demand for custom made heads has soared.

Adult Doll Sales Restrictions

While the adult doll sales have increased indeed, the impact of the pandemic is surely affecting operations. Kirk, a representative from Pleasure Dolls Australia shared how it is mostly the distribution of the products that is getting hampered now. Organic online traffic has surely increased but they are unable to make the most of flights and postage to procure and deliver their goods. Its the mobility that has been worst affected. 

International deliveries now take months, which previously took only a couple of days at most. International flights have been closed for months and only recently they are opening for the common public and goods delivery.

The Australian Border Force, like many other similar forces, has doubled down on their screening measures for international shipments. While the import was quite easy and a smooth process before the pandemic, the same has turned into a reason for worry. 


But the overall impact of the pandemic has been good for the business as the increasing number of adult doll sales indicates. Not everyone is looking for just another sexual partner. The mental toll has been immense and people who are living alone are seeking the comfort of a pseudo-human.

Southern Treasures is another online store struggling to meet their demand. Ryan from Southern Treasures tells how they have directly interacted with their customers and they confirm how the dolls do in fact offer emotional comfort to them.


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