According To Ancient Indian History, Flying Ships Visited Earth 6,000 Years Ago


By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

There are many common myths and legends that mention remarkable flying machines and how ancient people travelled great distances through the air. According to ancient Indian history, their ancient sacred texts called the ‘Vedas’ talk about flying ships that visited Earth more than 6,000 years ago.

Reference to the ancient Vimana can be be found in the Mahabharata: “An apparatus which can go by its own force, from one place to place or globe to globe.” The Vimana is also described as having twelve cubits in circumference with four strong wheels that are approximately 20 to 25 feet in circumference. According to extraterrestrial researcher and author, Erich Von Daniken, these flying machines navigated at great heights with a great propulsive wind. The propulsion of the Vimanas was achieved using “Mercury Vortex Engines.” With the help of Vimana, ancient astronauts are believed to have visited different places on Earth. The ancient text also includes details on steering mechanisms, protection from weather and solar energy technology. The Vaimānika Śāstra, an early 20th-century Sanskrit text on aerospace technology, also makes the claim that Vimanas were advanced aerodynamic vehicles. The ancient texts suggest Vimanas were similar to a rocket and capable of interplanetary flight.

It is important to note that the ancient Sanskrit documents from the 4th Century BC, were recovered many years ago in Lhasa, Tibet. The texts were sent to the University of Chandigarh for translation. Dr Ruth Reyna translated the documents into English and went on to claim that the texts are ‘blueprints’ for the construction of interstellar spaceships. According to Reyna, The the propulsion system was based on “anti-gravitational technology.”  The translated Indian texts suggest that ancient civilisations were extremely sophisticated and used advanced technologies thousands of years before they were ‘reinvented’ by science. The Tibetan books of Tantyua and Kantyua also mention ancient flying machines, which they refer to as “pearls in the sky.” In both books, they emphasize that this knowledge is secret, and should be kept from the masses. China went on to include parts of the recovered information for study as part of their space program.

For an alternate view of historical events, megalithic structures and archeological discoveries, you can watch a series called Erich Von Daniken: Beyond the Legend.


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