We Are In An Abusive Relationship With Society (And We Refuse To Leave)

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The one piece of advice that is commonly shared with someone who has landed themselves in an abusive relationship is- “get out before it is too late” or “he/she (the abuser) will never change” it is an almost universal piece of advice. Maybe a less shared piece of advice, but still as significant is the one who is being abused plays a role in the relationship: meaning if you are in a position to get out of an abusive situation and you allow it to continue- you are enabling the abuser. This is not said to point the finger at the person being abused, as it is understandable why someone who is in fear would allow something like this to continue, however it is only the abused (the most likely candidate) or the abuser that can break the cycle.

Another example to use is that of co-dependence- if their is an alcoholic, and their parents, partner or friends support their problem in some way, they are enabling the problem to continue. Ultimately it is the choice of the one with the problem to stop, however the enabler becomes in part responsible for what is happening.

Both work as a perfect metaphor for society: Society is abusing us- making us work 40+ hour weeks and calling it normal. Selling us crap we do not need, that is often unhealthy- at the expense of humanity. Upping the retirement age constantly. Taking human rights and extorting us to buy them back. Monopolising shelter and charging us more than we make in 50 years of average wage to own a space.

We can continue to point the finger and blame those who are doing the oppressing, however, we are the enablers. As a collective we kneel down and allow ourselves to be walked upon. Sacrifice our health so we can keep up with unreasonable demands. We all commit war crimes every year by allowing the government to put their hands into our hard earned money and use it to kill innocent civilians across the globe with it.

You see the oppressors are the narcissistic, manipulative, abusive spouse: but we as the people have become the meek and passive abused- and should we not leave this abusive, codependent relationship we are going to end up getting badly hurt or worse- dead.

You see the abuser never changes, but when the abused becomes empowered they cease to continue to be able to control. That first moment of separation is scary for the abused and the abuser will throw the tantrum and do their best to try to keep the abused in the situation. They will scream, shout and throw punches. The will beg, plead and promise they will change, but they will never deliver on that change for more than a short period of time.

Here are 6 main points in which society is abusing us, and why we need out!

Financial System, Government and Corporations

It’s all a big lie which starts with the financial system- this is the power plug off all the abuse. A bit like the steroids of the over pumped abusive man. This system creates a disbalance from the off. One pound or dollar automatically has interest places upon it; due to this- me and you must compete, as it can never be paid back. The only way debt is ever paid back is through bankruptcy and foreclosure. It is a giant ponzi scheme that eventually crashes, as we have seen in recent years with the financial crash. Think about that for a moment, there is a debt- and the debt will never, ever be paid- with the current system.

We then have the government (using the US as the biggest example)- the government cannot come into a place of power without a huge amount of money. Meaning that money has to have come at the expense of others. Most presidential elections rely on campaign contributions, which are basically legal bribes for agendas. Basically corporations monopolise finance, health, agriculture and all the assets of society, then give some of that money to the government in exchange for preferential treatment. It is a bribe, there is no arguing this. Just a bribe hidden behind legal jargon and legislation.

Health Care

Health care is no longer working, it is controlled by pharmaceutical companies who make more money if people are sick, than if they are healthy. Most medical grants, institutions and scientifically accepted medical studies are controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

People are more sick than they have ever been and health care has become symptom management. Health care has made great advances in terms of fixing bones and putting people back together, however a good nutritionist will understand health far more than most doctors.

All money is taken away from anyone who has an agenda that is not in line with the narrative that mainstream health speaks from. A recent example being pharmaceutical companies lobbying against cannabis until they could no longer contain it. Now that it has been accepted as a legitimate cure/ailment for many illnesses they are trying to cash in on its use.

This is abuse in its highest form, we are allowing companies to lie to us and when they get found out they cut out those who have spent decades exposing their lies and cash in on it as a treatment.


Free your mind for a moment from any conditioning and old ways of thinking, then ask yourself: Why do we have to pay for property? Why do a small group of people own everything and the majority must spend their lives working to own a tiny little piece? Then eventually if you manage to own your own little piece, the government will want to take a huge tax when you die and pass it down to your children.

There is enough land for everyone to have a piece, it would just mean we would not be tied to a system that was built to oppress us. Image we all had our own space, with a little bit of land and no debt. We could actually live free, grow our own food and survive (if you wanted too this is).

So again I ask: Why do we have to pay for property?


Given the agendas that exist, do you think it is most likely that we would have an education system that is built to foster growth in children or a system that is built to continue to grow the system?

Of course it will build the system and this is shown in the fact that education stifles creativity, leads children to a 9 to 5 existence and discourages autonomy. They have made it illegal or very difficult in many places to homeschool and place a huge amount of pressure on attendance- meaning should you want to take your child out of school for a while to travel and educate them on the road, you will be punished, in some cases you can face heavy fines and even prison.

You have to ask yourself why? Why are they so frightened our children may miss a part of the indoctrination. Again it is like the controlling partner who tells you what to do, how to think and/or how to be. Society is trying to mould the future generation into workers- who do not ask questions, and if they do they are punished.

Global Economy And War

Tying this in with the global economy- we in the west have so much, because we abuse the rest of the world. Everytime we make certain buying decisions we are contributing to destruction elsewhere. This is the codependency part, as consumers we empower corporations to abuse the globe.

This runs from the phones we buy, to the furniture we use, to the gas/petrol in our cars. This has many levels to it- using gas/petrol as an example. The oil in our gas/petrol is the biggest financial motivation for us being at war. So us pumping petrol irresponsibly is killing children all over the globe. The next level to this is the environmental impact that gas/petrol has, it is also destroying our environment.

A moment ago I said oil is the biggest financial motivator for war, this is not entirely true, war itself is the biggest financial motivator for war, actually by a long shot arms sales of $611 billion were racked up in 2015 compared to a $129 billion Oil trade in the states and guess who picks up the bill? Taxpayers, meaning we have no money for education or health for citizens, but lining the pockets of greedy arms companies to fight for outdated fossil fuels is okay. This is global abuse that we are empowering by just sitting back and allowing it to happen.

The Environment

One of the big tragedies is the state of our environment, this is not a debate about global warming or what causes it. Really that is irrelevant for this argument. There seems to be a lot of focus on this, however, what about pollution? The extinction of species? The destruction of our air supply?

Using air supply as an example- again such a multi layered problem- first we have poorly ventilated towns with too many co2 emissions, creating poor air quality. Then you have the lungs of our planet being cut down at an alarming rate, just so we can consume flat pack furniture and excessive meat.

Not just this- species are dying at an alarming rate in the jungle because of this, fish and marine life are being killed in the oceans and children across the globe are being put in sweat shop- all so we can consume.

The worse thing about all this is we throw away more than we physically consume. All this war, destruction and mayhem- just so it can all end up in landfills all over the globe.

We are in an abusive relationship with society and it is time we broke free: I said earlier- The one piece of advice that is commonly shared with someone who has landed themselves in an abusive relationship is- “get out before it is too late” or “he/she (the abuser) will never change” and I say it again, it is up to us individually to get out of this unhealthy, codependent abusive relationship- as when we do the change starts to ripple and we encourage others to do the same.

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