Abandoned Baby Found In Dumpster Grows Up To Be Founder & CEO Of $62 Million Tech Company


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The secret to success? Good luck, perseverance, and skill. Freddie Figgers obviously knows this by heart. He was dumped as a baby in a dumpster. But, that didn’t deter him. And now he is the CEO of a company worth $62 million!

freddie figgersImage: Facebook

Fortunately, he was adopted at 2 days old by Betty and Nathan Figgers, who made all the difference in the world for him. As a kid, Freddie was always interested in tinkering with electronics. By the age of 9, he was given his first computer. Although it was a malfunctioning one, he still fixed it all by himself and started working on it. He had his first paid job as a computer technician when he was 12 years old. Genius!

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His first startup idea came after a tornado hit Alabama. A car dealership there had lost all their client information. He helped them with cloud computing, which ensured storing all files on an external surface. This was to prevent such a mishap in the future. Lest it is forgotten, he was 15 when this happened.

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But what put Freddie on the map was the hi-tech shoe he built for his dad. Nathan, the adoptive father, was diagnosed as an Alzheimer’s patient when Freddie was still a kid. To prevent his dad from getting lost or feeling unsafe, Freddie installed a chip in Nathan’s shoe that was not just a GPS, but also a communicator. All Freddie had to do was call Nathan’s shoe and he could not only know Nathan’s location but also communicate with him. 

Needless to say, such a program was immensely helpful and a Kansas based company bought it off him for $2.2 million. 

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shoe gps tracker 768x434 png 768×434Image: YouTube

With that money, Freddie started his enterprise called Figgers Communication, a telecom company valued at $62 million. Apart from making headlines due to being the only minority-owned company in the USA, this company also has a strict anti-texting and driving policy/ software. They also recently came into the news for bringing out apps that would measure blood glucose levels for clients with diabetes. 

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Image: FacebooHumanity is still alive in people like Freddie Figgers, who believes that money is simply a medium that can be used to help others in need. He is of the opinion that if he has the opportunity before him to make this world a better place, he is going to go all in. And as he is getting the opportunities, he is following through on his words. 

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