A Seven Year Old Youtuber Has Made $22 Million Dollars Last Year


By Mayukh Saha

YouTube, since its inception back in 2006, has become one of the most common modes of entertainment in the world. Thanks to it, people have almost entirely given up downloading songs, easily streaming things on Youtube with a click.

The best part is, it is very accessible. After all, everyone with an Android phone has it pre-loaded and all it takes is an active Internet connection to get things going.

And people have used it to earn too. Over the years, it has turned into a vast network of individuals sharing knowledge from their respective fields on a platform for the world to witness.

So much so, it has actually become a very profitable platform for many people. And ‘YouTubing’ has become quite a phenomenal profession.

I mean phenomenal, literally! I am talking millions right now.

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It has consequently given rise to another side-gig, something which has spread and encompassed all of social media i.e influencers.

With rising corporate economies and the parallel rise of social media, it is now very essential for corporations not only to brand their products but also to properly advertise them. And there is no place in today’s world for big billboards where people hardly have time to look up from their mobile phones.

Hence, social media now has a new breed of professionals called influencers. They influence these products’ and their Companies’ following on social media sites, YouTube included, in buying certain products and doing certain things and availing certain services. It is a very niche form of gig advertising.

So, YouTube has its own breed. And guess what? The richest one earned a whopping 22 million dollars in June. You read that right!

Now, you would want to sit for this, but the person is a child. He is just seven-years-old.

And you might have even seen him/his channel.

He is Ryan from ToysReview. According to Forbes, he has a following of 17.3 million and has earned 22 million this year alone. He is YouTube’s top performing influencer.

Ever since 2015, he has had quite the following among the younger audiences because, quoting him, his videos are “funny and entertaining”.

And guess what, he not only reviews toys for his channel, but also has his own line of toys at Walmart and Target.

Talk about getting rich when most people have to grovel for their allowance. But hey, he might make it even bigger next year.

And we hope he does!

Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/04/youtubes-highest-earning-star-is-seven-years-old.html?__source=facebook%7Cmain

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