A School Based On Sharing And Caring For The Environment To Open In New Zealand In 2020


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Bali already has in place the revolutionary concept of education which is based on the thought of caring for our environment. The Green School will operate on a farm of 121-acres in Oakura, NZ.

The team which designed marvels like the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, the world tour designs of the stage of U2, and Conservatories & SuperTrees, Singapore, have designed this school with mid-air suspended structures, which will serve as the classrooms, around a hub in the center.

The founders of this Oakura school are Michael and Rachel Perrett, who had sent their own children to Bali’s Green School . They explain how their children, along with the others, became more confident, aware, happy and present in the Bali school. This inspired them to provide the same opportunity to the children of their own country.

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The Ubud, Bali based school teaches the students from where and how their foods come. Practical problems require the students to come up with their own solutions. The whole idea is about helping the students learn through projects and themes based on the things they are interested in.

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The building cost of the Oakura school is not known yet. Catering for children aged 1 through 13 years, the school will charge annual fees which start from $12,000.

Recycled pipes, locally grown pine, and other sustainable materials will be used in the building.

Chris Edwards, head of the Oakura school, tells how the Green School will be dealing with modern challenges of our century.

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To help children understand and create positive changes in their own world in the times to come, the school use environmental and social projects based on the ‘real world’, relevant to their curriculum. The ‘Bye Bye Plastic Bag’ project is one such example created by the Bali students named Melati and Isabel Wijsen, which inspired other children throughout the world.

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The Green school will have classrooms, meeting rooms, permaculture gardens, co-working environments, community spaces, along with a Green Camp for the visitors.

Edwards remarks it as a radical and relevant environment which will foster skills required to solve current and future social and environmental issues.

Not only education for the children, but the Green School will also have learning opportunities for the educators and the community as a whole.

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The Minister of Education, New Zealand, confirmed that there was an application for the Green School to be a private one. The mentioned that schools can have their own philosophy. If they meet the requirements of the Education Act, the school will get approval from the Ministry.

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