A Black Person Shows How Rampant Racism Was Back In The 1960s


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We all know about racism that was present in the past. A long time ago, Lincoln made some strides towards eliminating slavery but racism was something internal. It would take more than just one man or one revolution to take away racism from our lives. Most of all, it requires a look inside our minds. We need to question our beliefs, our stereotypes, and then take an active step towards changing them. And sometimes, it might even take a look back into the past when racism was very much prominent.

We don’t really have to look too far back though. People with a different skin color were slowly ‘allowed’ to “integrate” back in the 1950s-60s. They were able to enter corporate ‘white-collar’ jobs and mix with other white people as they worked. But the prejudice against them remained deep in the mind of the white population. And while they were ‘integrated’ in the form of job opportunities within the office space, black people were seen to be someone from a different world.

While it was a depressing situation, nothing can make a more scathing attack on the system than humor. Hence, Tom Floyd, a black person who wanted to integrate as a black white-collar worker, expresses his own experience in the form of illustrations. For him, the integration process turned out to be quite horrible and discriminatory making him exclaim that ‘Integration is a B*ITCH’. Let’s look at his wonderful art which raises so many important issues:

1. Being Coded By Color



2. Criminalized

know him

3. Mixed Appreciation


4. No Celebrations For You


5. Law

works here


6. Fear Of Taking Over


7. Someone Must Have Helped


8. Being Exhibited


9. Always A Thief

nice man

10. It’s Just A Joke



11. Sorry Ma’am


12. Don’t Be Loud


13. I Don’t Exist

call later

14. Not To Be Served


15. I’m Not A Criminal

my boy

16. Used Clothes

old clothes

17. I can’t be intelligent


18. No Appreciation Of Work

colored raise

19. Teaching Them Something


20. Greetings Reserved


21. Words Hurt



22. Must Have Stolen It


23. Crime Runs In My Blood


24. I’m The Joke

he comes

25. I love to gang up

soul brothers

26. Shifting Places


27. Fake Image

needing this

28. I know every Black


29. Image Maker 

image maker

30. First Time

ever seen

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