9-Year-Old Girl Grows Food And Builds Shelters For The Homeless


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

What would you expect of a young girl of six? You’d think she’s just going to have fun and dream big -not Hailey Ford. While shopping for groceries with her mother back in 2012, the young Hailey met a homeless man, Edward. She asked her mother to buy him a sandwich and Edward was overwhelmed. He had not eaten anything in days and was weary from walking the streets. Young Hailey later met the Veteran Billy Ray who lost his leg fighting in the war and wanted to help him too. Hailey’s mother explained that it was not possible for them to help everybody as they did not have enough money.


These incidents sparked an idea in the little girl’s head. She knew that if she couldn’t buy food for everyone, she sure could grow some in her small garden. She wanted to help the homeless people and nothing came in her way. Naturally, young Hailey did not have any experience in farming but she wished to grow vegetables in her yard. She stayed up and studied books on farming and grew the first batch of vegetables in a couple of months’ time. Soybeans, carrots, and potatoes – she grew these herself and gave it to Billy Ray.

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Hailey did not stop there, she wanted to grow more food and help more homeless people. Slowly her neighbors joined hands and together they could harvest more vegetables.


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Hailey made sure that the vegetables were washed and packed. She then distributed it among the people living on the streets. Her efforts paid off and these people became her friends.you’d think she would continue to grow more food but the young girl had bigger plans. She knew that these homeless people need a roof over their heads and expressed her worry to her mother.

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What sounded completely impossible to her mother was soon achieved by Hailey. She started building cabins for the homeless. Lowe, the local store, gave her the necessary materials at half the price and her family helped her by recycling wood.



Their collective effort paid off and soon they built cabins for the homeless people. They even installed heaters for the comfort of the people who’d stay there. Hailey wants to make more such cabins and is excited to know that the whole neighborhood supports her noble endeavor.



The young girl received help from Katie in the form of feminine supplies and another donation worth USD3,000, with which she bought items of basic care for the people during Christmas.


Hailey is hailed as Santa Claus among the children and we totally agree. She is an inspiration for everyone!

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