9-Year-Old Boy Told Not To Doodle In Class Gets Job Decorating Restaurant Walls

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Creativity always needs to be nurtured, especially when a 9-year-old shows great potential. Time and patience are needed to develop any art and encouragement is essential. When Joe Whale got in trouble because he was doodling while his teacher was teaching in class, his parents made sure not to reprimand him for this.

In order to encourage his creativity, Joe was sent to an art class where his abilities were further enhanced. Everyone was taking notice of this talented kid and soon Joe received an invitation. It was from the ‘Number 4’ restaurant located in Shrewsbury, England.

This little boy has since gone viral and netizens are in awe of his doodling. He now goes by the name of The Doodle Boy. The Doodle Boy has a website and social media pages where his art is displayed regularly.

You can view more of his art here: TheDoodleBoy.co.uk | Facebook | Instagram

Joe has covered all his notebooks with cute little doodles. Greg Whale, his father mentioned how Joe had always been in love with doodling and drawing. So they decided to register him in the Gifted register since he was 4 years old.

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Once Joe’s art was available on social media, ‘Number 4’ staff were in love with his creativity. So they decided to hire him to decorate their dining room walls. Joe spent nearly 12 hours illustrating at the restaurant.

The boy’s father has some advice for parents who wish to encourage their kids. He says kids need to be encouraged to follow their dreams and passions. Parents can research activities in their locality like workshops taking place where the child would learn in a safe environment.

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Often when kids get in trouble at school for something they did, parents seek to stop that behavior altogether. But when it is a mode of self-expression, especially from such talented minds, it needs nurturing. They must be given the opportunity to develop their creativity like the Whales allowed their son, Joe.

Not just the parents, one of Joe’s teachers has also been very supportive. When he posted Joe’s art on Instagram, the ‘Number 4’ restaurant invited him over to doodle on their wall. His dad regularly drove Joe to the restaurant so that he could draw to his heart’s content. They would go over after school and work for an hour or two each night.

Joe is happy to doodle away but his parents are over the moon. The kid received his first paid project at 9 years old and is working as a professional. And which parents would not be proud of such a talented child!

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It’s important to let your kids follow their dreams even when that is not the future you thought for them. Your love and support will help your child reach great heights in whatever they choose to do. Just be there and encourage them!

Images: The Doodle Boy & Greg Whale



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