74-Year-Old Man Accused of Getting Entire Church High on Weed Cookies


By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Perhaps to liven up the weekly service, a 74-year-old man served weed-infused cookies to several congregants – aged 12 to 70. Later that day, the sweet-toothed church goers complained of “adverse effects” – including that the cookies tasted unusually salty.

Vice reports that last year, a parishioner identified as Mr. Jones was accused of serving marijuana-laced cookies to six congregation members at the St. John’s Apostle Catholic Church in Bloomington, Indiana. After consuming the cookies, several members ended up in the local emergency room.

Mr. Jones initially admitted to making the cookies. However, he denied adding an illegal substance to them. After obtaining a warrant to search his home, the police found an “orange pill bottle containing capsules of a brown, oil substance” which later tested positive for marijuana. The gentleman turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was thereafter charged with criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil.

“We are praying for everyone involved,” said Father Daniel Mahan of the church. “We are praying for Mr. Jones. We are keeping in prayer those who took ill that Sunday and we are praying for justice with mercy.”

Though the herb has been used for over 3,000 years and has been proven to have a myriad of medicinal properties, this is just how the cookie crumbles in our current society. What are your thoughts? Comment below and share this news!

IMAGE CREDIT1: Dzmitry Khvayanok



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