7 Unbelievable Things That Can Happen When You Have A Spiritual Awakening

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There is a mass awakening currently happening on an unprecedented level- this could be due to the bridging of communication that has happened as a result of social media and smart devices, the intense astrological events such as solar flares that are so intense in this moment or maybe it is a divine force that is interfering with our day to day way of being. Whatever it is- the internet and the emergence of spiritual social events and activities have allowed us to see that many people are simultaneously experiencing something significant.

I can give my own perspective and experience as an example- 8 years ago I was a drug dealer with a gambling and drug problem. I didn’t really think about the environment and I didn’t see myself as a creative person. It was not that I lacked compassion, I just didn’t think that much about world events that didn’t affect me, and the idea of yoga, meditation and vegan food would have all been laughable. Not long after that I had a kundalini awakening and things changed drastically. I no longer take drugs, I meditate daily, I am a vegan and I write and share information about spirituality for my job. The way I am now, compared to then is unrecognisable, but I am not the only one who has experienced this.

At the time I felt very lonely and isolated, now I have met a thriving community which spans the globe, all with the awakening and empowerment of the self and the planet in mind. It is a beautiful thing and I wanted to share some of the unbelievable things that have happened to me and many of the people I know as a result.     


Synchronicities are what many would call a coincidence, however they are far from coincidental. Sometimes it feels as if the world has conspired for you to meet a person who will help you or an opportunity will just fall into your lap which you are aligned with. Synchronicities are a sign that your life’s on the right track, when they show up follow them and they will lead you to the most magical of places you can imagine.

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Seeing Auras/Colours/Sounds

It is common for people to start to see frequencies in a different way- for many this manifests as colours, stars around people and/or a different way of seeing things. My understanding of this is we are all vibration and everything has its corresponding frequency. An example would be- the colour indigo would also be associated with a variety of sounds and shapes of the same frequency. Meaning if your friend radiates an indigo aura you may visually see this or feel it.

Psychic Communication

Psychic communication is not always what it is made out to be. It has been stigmatised as the reading of someone’s mind, but that is not necessarily the case. I like to think of it as 2 (or more) people tapping into the same piece of consciousness simultaneously, as is the case for synchronicity. Sometimes you may finish someone’s sentence or have the same idea at the same time. It is just a way we shatter the illusion of separation, which leads me to the next point.

Realising The Illusion Of Separation

In a sense we are all separate, but at the same time we are the same thing. It is the same as the cells within our body, when you look at them from one perspective it is a single cell. But when you step back it is just a piece in a bigger body. This is the same with our Earth- it is a bigger cell which we are all just a small part of. The Earth is fully alive and you can see this when you spend time in nature. A tree, an animal or another person may seem different, but they are also just cells in this bigger organism.

Dreams, Visions, Precognition and Metaphors

Dreams are a story which often show up in a metaphorical language to help us navigate life. You can often see things before they happen and sometimes be shown potential that could happen if you so choose. Symbology can show up in your life and everything can become a story in which you are the lead character. Prior to an awakening a dog may just be a dog, but in certain circumstances after an awakening it can be symbolic of loyalty and searching for your pack. Sometimes simple things will hold so much more significance than they used to and as you unpack the box of magic which is your life, you will see that everything is connected.   

You Will Find A Creative Outlet

We are creators and I believe that this could be what the whole mass spiritual awakening is, us moving from material beings to creative beings- focusing less on what we can have and more towards what we can give. We are natural creators and when you wake up you see the world in a very different way, this can lead you to the discovery of the creative talents you didn’t know you had.

Dissolution Of Conditioning

As you start to see the world as it is (not as you have been told it is) you can really start to question everything you know. The fact is you cannot go to a doctor and speak about having visions of spirits without them thinking you have lost your mind. The strange flip side of this is 84% of the planet is religious or has faith. This is supposed to be the celebration of the spirit world. It is like everyone identifies with something while simultaneously denying it.

Dissolution of conditioning allows you to see

– We should not be in competition

– We are natural lovers and creators

– We should not be caged  

– Humans are happiest when they are part of something more significant than themselves

– Miracles are real- the fact that we are even without any clue how we got here is proof of this

– We deserve to be free

– And we will be free

A spiritual awakening is not actually one thing and there are an infinite amount of ways it can unfold, I would love to hear from you and maybe you can help me out by sharing your experience in the comments section!!! And being that you are so awesome, maybe you could go ahead and share this article! Much love, Luke

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