7 Layers Of The Pyramid A Metaphor For A Better Society


By Luke Miller Truth Theory

One of the things I noticed in Peru was a lot of the art and sculptures had 7 levels, working with the theory of 7 which states it is a near useless number in terms of counting, but very significant in terms of cycles, I found this interesting (YOU CAN READ MORE ON THIS HERE).

So while many pyramids around the globe don’t have 7 levels, the great pyramid of giza (Khufu the most well known over the globe) has 203 levels (although some say 210), which is a multiple of 7 29×7 or 30×7 which has some significance, but could be interpreted many ways but I have written about this in the past (YOU CAN READ AN ARTICLE ON THIS HERE) Also when you add the 2+0+3=5 which represents what you might call the god from within, godly consciousness or the collective consciousness. If it is 210, my interpretation which would make sense would be 2 becoming 1 or duel, becoming singular, meaning that the pyramid is a portal to become whole or find oneness or to connect to the only singularity there is which would be what one might call god, but you could also call this energy or the collective consciousness or Allah or any other label we add to this divine force. It can be a scientific force it does not need to hold religious connotations. But is the same thing, viewed through a different eye.

I tried to look into the 2 other pyramids in Egypt (Khafre and Menkaure) but for the life of me I cannot find the information on how many levels they have, so if anyone has this information it would be interesting to hear if it is some way relates to the number 7.   

Anyway here is my interpretation of the analogy that is represented by a pyramid. I also wanted to share this as some people seem to think that some ancient symbology and systems are in some way a dark art or practice. My understanding is they are often used for dark purposes, by dark forces, but that is just the current power structure we have (one that is changing) and these same things can be used equally for the light work of humanity.

So the pyramid has 4 sides, this to me means north, south, east and west. Showing respect to the 4 corners of the globe. You can also only ever see 2 sides of the pyramid (unless above it), so this to me represents dark, light. Masculine, feminine. Yin and Yang. Balance basically, and also respect to the night and the day, the sun and the moon and how we need both to survive.

   Now for the basic layout of what my interpretation of the 7 layers of the pyramid mean, I personally believe that there may be 343 layers total, I will not go into this as it is just something that has come to me and needs a little deeper investigation. But here are the 7 core layers and my interpretation of what they mean, although they could (and probably do) have multi faceted meanings.  

So for now, if you could just visualise a pyramid and break it into 7 layers, with the bottom obviously being the biggest, down to the smallest point at the top, this is how we shall describe it from bottom to top.

1 The Masses

This represents the majority of humanity, those who just want a simple life. A simple life obviously comes with a certain level of responsibility, but people within this group, for the most part are happy to go along with the status quo. This is how we can understand group/herd mentality, as most people are supposed to act this way. This is not to say they do not want any responsibility and don’t actually think, but more they just like things to be simple and don’t have the need that others do to want to change things.

2 Small Time Caregivers

The lines could become blurred between the 2 worlds of masses and small time care givers and it is possible for any one person to spend time in 1, 2 or even all 7 of these different areas throughout their lives or in a given moment.

But this would be like someone within the masses, but perhaps a little more responsibility. The family caregiver, mothering or fatherly figure to those who are not necessarily related or children by blood. Again there is a very thin line between this area and that of someone in the masses.

3 Community Care Givers

This would be your local go to person, I am sure we all know people like this, or at least those of us who have been a part of any community will know. They are the person that when you have a problem in the community you go and speak with them.

They could offer help on quite a wide range of issues and not always be the person to help you directly, but will always be able to point you in the right direction to get your problem solved.

More specialised people in this category would be the bin men, the shop keepers and the local services of a community which generally don’t hold much danger, but are vital to keep the community thriving.

4 Service Men/Women/Children

These are the police, the army (if needed), the doctors and the peacekeepers of the world. They put out the fires, deescalate the problems and mediate between groups that cannot work out their differences. In an ideal world this group are the ones who are willing to give/risk their life to serve, locally or sometimes on a more global scale.

These should be figures of authority that we know, like and trust. And those who take up this position should be dedicated to the service of the world outside of themselves and even in some cases put this above their own families and loved ones. I know that generally it is not a black and white choice of either serving humanity or family, but if you were in this group and there was an emergency eg a natural disaster, you would be a servant to humanity in this situation.

5 Sages/Prophets/ Unconditional Servers Of Humanity

These people are those who know and see things that others don’t. They can take form in many ways- such as musicians, poets, artists and performers, this is not to say that if you are any of the above you are a prophet, but prophet often enlighten through entertainment. I am sure you can think of many examples.

These are also the writers of books, the bringers of new information. Those who have a connection with the divine and source information from what can only be explained as other worldly means.

I don’t want anyone to get confused with this, as I am not saying that anyone who shares knowledge is a prophet (although in our own way we are all prophets) I am talking about those who have a way of channeling information and sharing it as and when necessary for the greater benefit of the human race. At the highest level this is a very small group of people, although I am sure many of you know people who belong to this group.

Although these groups can often be secretive and closed off to most, people who belong to this group would be an unconditional service man to humanity and finding trusted people he can share this information with to filter it out to the world would be a priority.

6 Trusted Counsel To Decision Makers

These are the visionaries, the organisers and those who are able to put a plan into action very quickly and efficiently. A group like this would often consist of a few people with very specific but different skills and would hold skills that complement the rest of the group.

To be an effective part of a group like this you would need to be able to understand the rest of the groups lower in the pyramid and not be led by your ego. It would be important to know your place within the group and be someone who is willing to work as a team and often drop what they want to do, for the greater good of the rest of humanity. In a nutshell the ability to see the bigger picture and be able contribute what is needed by all and not what is wanted by yourself.

Most importantly knowing your skills and trusting in the skills of those around you. That is why a group like this would need to be relatively small and well thought out, not appointed based upon someone who is wanted, but the needed person for that specific piece of the puzzle.

7 Trusted And Appointed Decision Maker/s

This would either be 1 person or a very small group of people, someone in this position would need to be a visionary and would need to hold all the skills of every group mentioned. But just to a lesser degree. What I think we have wrong in modern day society is the fact that the people think they need to be above or a ruler of all those below, I think this idea needs to be tipped on its head. The person in this position should be the biggest server of all to humanity, not the leader of the world/region but the server to the world/region.

The server to the counsel

The server to the prophets

The server to the service men

The server to the community caregivers

The server to the caregivers

And the server to the masses   

A person in this position should be able to be followed by big groups of people, without the groups being in fear that they are being mislead. This is why our current system is collapsing, because those at the top of the metaphorical pyramid are serving themselves. This is why it trickles down every layer and we have masses who don’t have simple lives. We have caregivers that do not care. We have service men who do not serve. False prophets spreading half truths and lies. Counsel that are corrupted. And leaders who are psychopathic. Obviously now every member of all the groups mentioned fall into these categories, but this is the situation we are in.

What could easily be (A lost or (B misinterpreted is that the higher up you are in the pyramid the more important you are and this is totally not the case, every person plays an important role in the progression of humanity and has different ways in which they can contribute. This is why anyone who would ever want to sit at the top would need to be a leader, not a ruler and accept that should people want him/her to move off the top, he/she would need to gracefully leave without a fight. Hope this is something useful and something that makes sense, much love to you Luke Please like, share and leave a comment!

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