7 (Brilliant) Ways To Save Money So You Can Travel The World


By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Nearly everyone desires to travel the world, but few actually do. Some claim this is a result of travel being so expensive, as well as obligations in one’s home country. However, these are just two of many excuses that can keep one from exploring this beautiful planet we live on.

In reality, it is actually very easy to travel the world — and even live abroad for a portion of time, if one approaches the objective with a plan in mind. That plan, among other things (itineraries, logistics of travel, etc…), should include saving money.

In theory, saving money is easy. You just set aside a portion of the funds you earn from your full-time or part-time job, and voila! In reality, saving money is not that easy because life is notorious for throwing some curveballs. Fortunately, the task is not impossible.

Following are 7 (brilliant) methods to save money so you can travel the world. Remember: if you create a plan and stick to it, you will succeed and explore new countries/territories/regions.

1) Minimize housing costs

If you’re planning on leaving the country for at least two months, chances are you intend on terminating your lease and putting your stuff in storage (or leaving it at your parent’s house). If you can’t find low-cost accommodation for the last few months leading up to your trip, minimize your typical housing costs in a few ways: unplug appliances when they are not in use, use less water, keep the A/C/heat off when it is unnecessary, turn off all lights when leaving the house, and pay your bills on time to avoid extra late fees. Not only will these habits save you money, they’ll also reduce your impact on the environment.

2) Eliminate unhealthy splurges

To save money and get healthy before your expedition, drastically reduce spending money on fancy drinks and eating out. A $6 coffee from Starbucks may seem essential on your way to work, but in another country that’s enough for a full meal and a drink! If you want to save money so you can travel, cut down on unnecessary (and oftentimes unhealthy) splurges.

3) Cancel your gym membership

This tip seems counter-intuitive to most. However, because gym memberships tend to cost between $50-$100 a month (varies by gym, location), they can quickly become unwise investments. Store that money away instead, and make an effort to run/jog outside, do plyometric exercises at the park, and/or do yoga inside the comfort of your home.

Now, obviously, this step won’t resonate with everyone. But, for novice travelers who are frazzled by the task of saving money, cutting out costly memberships (to the gym and similar) will assist in saving money for traveling.

4) Sell Goods To Save $$$

If you plan on leaving the country for a time, you might want to consider selling your (used/good quality) electronics and furniture to locals. Not only will this save you money in storage costs, it will bulk up your wallet for the time being — making the task of saving money an easier one.

5) Pick up some extra part-time work

If you want to travel and lack the funds, you have to put in the work. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to pick up some freelance work either online or in your local community using the internet. All that is required is your determination to work harder so you can adventure in new destinations.

6) Book your tickets well in advance

The most expensive part of traveling is… you guessed it, the airfare. You can minimize costs by booking your tickets well in advance. If funds are short, you can accomplish this by using a credit card (last option, not recommended), or by taking out a short-term loan from a family or friend member you will pay off before your departure date. On average, booking your tickets well in advance will save you a few hundred dollars.

7) Booking last minute? No problem

If tip #6 if impossible for you, consider booking a ticket last-minute when your affairs are in order and you’re ready to travel. Sites like SkyScanner reveal which flights still have passenger availability and, as a result, are cheap, cheap, cheap. The only downside to this is you have to be ready to leave within 1-2 days of purchasing the tickets. But if you’re ready to explore, what’s holding you back?

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