69 Year Old Man Sues To Change Age To 49 But Court Refuses


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Note: This article was edited to add additional information about the courts ruling on his lawsuit. 

At some point in time, all of us would have thought that this was a tantrum thrown by a 5-year-old kid. But, no. This is a 60+ man called Emile Ratelband from the Netherlands, who has appealed to the court of law to legally change his age. Emile Ratelband is a motivational guru, who had been under the tutelage of Tony Robbins, a vastly respected and followed guru himself.

So why this? Why change his age?

According to Emile, he might be 69, but his body feels like 40. And as he says, one should always age what they feel. Also, he believes this would open a larger number of opportunities in almost every sector of life- from employment to finances, to matchmaking. So much so that even on any dating site, he would get much more attention from the ladies. Emile believes that 60 is too outdated for any dating app, and the single father of 7 children wants to experience love again. But this time, as a 40-year-old man. According to De Telegraph, he considers himself as a ‘young god’.

When the news made the rounds in the Netherlands, he was first submitted to a mental evaluation to determine if he was sane. After successfully passing that, he appealed to the courts who completely rebuffed him. At this point, Emile used the same arguments that transgender people use to change their gender. His argument was simple- if one can change their gender, why can’t they change their age? After all, both were almost determined by birth certificates. So, change that.

He also mentioned to the Washington Post how the United States and Europe is a free country and people can be whatever they want.

At this, the courts sat up and took notice. Although the court has refused to amend his date of birth, this extremely sensible yet ridiculous case has gained popularity.

The courts ruling said: ” The district court has refused to amend Emil Ratelband’s date of birth. Mr Ratelband had asked the district court to make the amendment to match the age that he says that he feels (49). The court found that there was no scope in legislation or case law to allow such a ruling.”

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He also believes that him changing his age would help in his profession with the younger generation, for he would be accepted as one of their own, and would be able to speak the language of the younger clientele.

At the courts, Emile responded to the taunts with an inspirational speech about how modern society was all about getting rid of any financial or materialistic bindings that don’t allow us to express or be ourselves freely.

In this regard, he brought up US President Donald Trump. While making no comments on his style of governance, he clearly mentioned that Trump’s Twitter presence is enough to denote that he is one of the most powerful men in the Western Hemisphere. He never cared about how his words or his actions affected someone. He said all he had to, and what he felt. To Emile, Trump was honest. He had the guts to sit and say ‘Shut up’, to the entire Twitterverse.

It’s certainly interesting to see that the court decided not to let this person alter his age as this would open the door for all types of ridiculousness.

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