6 Types Of Liars And How To Deal With Them Effectively

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Lying might be the best solution for some to escape a difficult situation, but the way you pull it off, in the end, decides the type of liar you are.

It does not matter how you see it, but lies are a part of life and liars come in all shapes and sizes.


There is a fool-proof way to check if someone is lying by checking on the little things that they’ve said. You can also tell a liar by his/her body language, sentence structure, and tone of voice. 

Some people lie out of necessity while some just lie out of habit.

What Is Lying?

Lying is an art and people often use certain ways to tell the story, which might not be completely truthful.

There is a high level of self-protection involved when people lie and these tiny things can help you learn about a person’s true character.

A lie can be defined as an intentionally false statement but there are several things involved in this. The statement that all liars are the same is also not true and we will now look into it.

Different Types Of Liars

There are different types of liars and we will talk about all the different types and about how you can deal with them.

1: Compulsive Liars:  These people lie because of a variety of reasons, but one can always find out if they are lying.
You will observe that their stories do not add up. They are obvious and display the class behaviors that liars display, such as avoiding eye contact, sweating profusely, and rambling.

Compulsive liars are segregated into habitual liars and narcissistic liars. Narcissistic liars make up great stories centered around themselves and are prone to embellishment. Habitual liars just lie constantly. It has become a habit for them and they do not see any harm in doing so.

2: Pathological Liars: These individuals lie as a response to stimuli. They are extremely good liars as they lie constantly and the stories that they tell becomes quite difficult to distinguish from the truth. 

Also known as pseudologia fantastica, these people know how to play the eye contact game, as they fix their gaze on you.

If you are aware that a pathological liar is spinning a yarn, call them out in a non-aggressive way so that the person does not feel embarrassed.

3: Sociopathic Liars: These liars are very difficult to deal with as they lack empathy. They do not care if those lies impact others negatively or cause harm.

These individuals are masters of manipulation as they will tell you fictional stories to get you to do what they want.

It will feel horrible to be the target of a sociopath as it will conflict with your morals and your sense of what is right and what is wrong.

If you tell a sociopathic liar that you are not comfortable with something, they will act as if they care about it, but not in reality. It is better to stay away from them as they can wreck your mental balance.

4: White Liars: We assume that white lies are actually not lies, and they might be beneficial or harmless.

White liars usually mix the truth with lies and when they get caught they say that they did not mean to deceive and were confused themselves.

A person might sometimes tell white lies to protect someone from the truth if it is too damaging or hurtful.

5: Careless Liars: These people are unique and they lie all the time, not caring about morals and ethics. Most of them are aware that they are being dishonest but they do not put much thought behind the lies and are extremely sloppy.

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If you see one, confront them. It is most likely that they are aware of what they’re doing, but this does not mean that they will change their habits.

You must be prepared to walk away from such people as it can cause heartbreaks and stress.

6: Occasional Liars: Most people lie occasionally and the best thing about these individuals is that the lying is not regular.

These individuals feel so guilty that they admit their lies and ask for forgiveness.

If you call an occasional liar on his lies, he will be extremely sorry and would want to work on it and change.

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