5 Ways To Find Your Inner Truth  

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By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

Buddha said; “3 things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. Mark Twain was quoted saying; “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” The emblem of Theosophy, the religious group founded by Helena Blavatsky, states; “There is no religion higher than truth.”

No religion higher than truth

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What is truth? 

Truth is often viewed as the absence of lies towards another person, but as you delve deeper into truth, you find it to be a far more layered subject matter. When we take away the second and third parties from a conversation about truth, we are left with inner truth and the authentic truth that resides within. 

Subjective truth

The concept of truth is mostly subjective. For example a football team may be the greatest team to grace the planet for one, yet to a rival supporter they are the worst. A politician or political act could be viewed as one that is going to change the world for the better, yet to another this act can look like armageddon. To go even further into this, armageddon could seem like the solution to all our woes to one, yet fill another with dread. 

Our psyche is comprised mainly of these subjective truths which make up our views and personality. 

Objective truth 

Objective truths are the truths that are verifiable and not a matter of opinion. A few examples are mathematics, gravity and the speed of light. There is of course scope for debate in many of these areas, leading back to subjective truth making up most of our worldly views. 

Inner truth

Inner truth is a form of subjective truth which formulates your ambitions and aspirations, and if you can fulfil these you free yourself from the cycles of suffering. 

Here are 5 ways you can tap into your inner truth. 

Truth is vulnerable!

It is okay not to have all the answers! One of the fundamental objective truths of our existence is that of uncertainty. Imagine how boring life would be if we always knew what was coming next! Hiding behind a mask and trying to caveat this uncertainty is not a sign of strength. 

When we allow vulnerability in the transitional uncertain moments of life true magic happens, and that which we feared ceases to hold power over us.

 Truth is freedom! 

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer

The above quote shows the internal process of finding your truth. It is such a heavy load to conceal your true self, and often a violent process of revealing it. Yet, like the caterpillar metamorphosing into the butterfly its results bear great fruits. Once you free yourself from the expectations of society, others and most importantly yourself, you can breath free, truly expressing yourself as you stand. 

Truth is without shame! 

When you try to fit into a box and fail, it comes with all kinds of shame, guilt and regret, yet when you truly step into authenticity, you liberate yourself from this suffering. Truth is pride, but not egotistical hierarchical pride. The humble pride that comes from knowing all you are and all you do, comes from your heart and soul. 

Truth is self inquiry!  

Truth is a process of self inquiry and not a fixed destination with a start and end point. 

Intention is everything and the commitment to this self inquiry is a joyous task if viewed from the right perspective. If you are not in a rush, you can find a way to enjoy the ride in the knowing that life is a beautiful journey, and not a destination.  

Truth is surrender! 

Truth is a test in surrender. When you put out the intention to find that which is important to you, life will test you to see if you are willing to give up the masks to live that truth. Are you willing to give it up a life that does serve you? This is the true test in surrender, to hear the call and then follow its gentle whisper. 

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