5 Mind Bending Facts That Will Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew

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By Luke Miller Truth Theory

Throughout history there have been many mysteries that defy what the logical mind deems possible, with many baffling the scientific community in the process. Here I share 5 of those mind bending facts that will have you questioning what you thought you knew about reality.

Observation Changes The Outcome Of Events At The Microscopic Level

Before the birth of quantum mechanics scientist Thomas Young performed an experiment called Young’s Experiment which was later renamed the double slit experiment.

This experiment not only proved that matter behaves differently on the microscopic level to the macro, but also that observation of matter at the microscopic level changes the outcome of how matter behaves. READ MORE ON THIS EXPERIMENT HERE

How Quickly The Pyramids Were Built

The great pyramid of Egypt’s (Khufu) has an estimated 2.5 million stones all weighing around 2.5 tons, meaning if they moved 10 stones a day it would have taken them just under 685 years to build. Yet it is thought they achieved this in 20– Meaning they moved around 1 2.5 ton stone per minute for 20 years.

Recorded Human History VS Unrecorded Human History

Recorded human history dates between 4,500-5,000 years, yet we have found human remains that have been dated from 150,000-180,000 years. This means we have 145,000-175,000 years of history that are unaccounted for. What were we doing in this time?

We Disappear From History Pretty Quickly

According to Randall Carlson if there was a catastrophe that wiped out the human race within 5,000-10,000 years there would be little trace that we even existed. Meaning if aliens visited just 5,000-10,000 years down the line, there would be just 2 things left of our civilisation, can you guess which? This video explains.

All Modern Day Science Is Derived From Mystical Practice

Alchemy is an art form in which students investigate natural matter and mind, with the goal of transmuting them to a more purified form. Those who practiced alchemy looked at it as a physical, philosophical and spiritual discipline. Alchemy also included physics, medicine, astrology, mysticism, spiritualism, and art. It is possibly best known for the pursuit of transforming lead into gold.

Alchemy birthed chemistry. Astrology birthed Astronomy. Mystic psychology birthed psychology. Meaning the often black and white approach of science we practice today, was all born from mystical practice.

These facts defy the logical mind and laugh in the face of what is commonly held as fact by many modern day scholars. If you have found them fascinating please share with your social media and friends.

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