5 Effective Hacks To Overcome Introversion

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Introversion isn’t simply the experience of feeling drained after having spent time around other people, it’s the experience of habitually suppressing your passion and drive. Your identity. It keeps you from doing what you want, when you want, as well as connecting with others in essential ways. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that connecting with others is essential to connecting with yourself, thus, making introversion a feedback loop. However, that loop can be broken and here are five extremely effective ways to break the cycle for good.

  1.     Look People In The Eye

Fight the urge to avert your gaze and stare deeply into the soul of whomever you’re conversing with, especially those close to you. Let the awkwardness wash over you, observe their feelings and allow them to observe yours – whatever they may be. Don’t hide. What you will find in doing this is that people are a lot more like you than you’ve believed until now.

  1.     Dance

When you stifle your movements, you stifle your thoughts, emotions and all that makes you who you are. Dance because you want to. Understand that stifling yourself is a habit you’ve developed and need to break out of if you wish to be free.

  1.     Express Your Opinions

You hold back your thoughts and opinions because you learned at a very young age that you couldn’t trust your perspective on life, however, it is illogical to believe that one can get through life with a complete ‘dud’ of a perspective.  You’re constantly making the right decisions throughout your day to get to the end of it. Your ability to think, learn and adapt gives you the right to your opinion. Remember this and share your perspective with others. And let them share theirs with you… as you look them in the eye.

  1.     Exercise

Don’t worry, you don’t need flawless abs to be more confident, but you do need endorphins to encourage self-improvement, and overcoming introversion may be the biggest improvement you’ll ever make. So develop a workout routine that will give you that daily endorphin release.

  1.     Meditate

Whenever you have any downtime, quieten your mind by breathing deeply (in through your nose, out through your mouth). Through this, you’ll be able to bring yourself down to baseline and relieve yourself of stress. The reason that it’s important to remain as stress free as you possibly can throughout your day (other than the fact that stress is unhealthy) is because you’re trying to break certain habits and stress will keep you from doing that.

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